Namibia: Christina Isaaks

Date: June 26, 2019
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Name Christina
Surname Isaaks
Country Namibia
Give a short history of the leader Serve in council third term as local authority councillor and working with people living with Hiv /Aids
Objectives Implementation of policy work in my council and Prioritize community needs
Key activities March .comomoration of world Aids days 16 Days March,
Key challenges Lack of support and poor involvement of men in gender issues


Change at the individual level Councillor promoted to higher level in my party and also business women working with women in rural areas .and become a business women
Evidence of change at the individual level Jesajas Hamman former councillor . motivatead him to take part in gender issues
Change at the household level Become bread winner and make my family understand Gender issues
Evidence of change at the household level Jonathan Isaaks never through conselling and motivation become supportive
Change at institutional level More women employed and land giving out to them
Evidence of change at institutional level More women employed and land giving out to them
Change at a policy level Networking and approach National level about issues women face in our community
Evidence of change at a policy level Together with me 40 women benefit through Shack dwellers federation housing program in our village
Capacity building links with different women networks and attending trainings
Lessons learned and shared That our government need to do more work in rural areas to support more people
Next Steps Make sure of policy implementations in Grass root level