Namibia – Christina Isaaks

Date: July 5, 2018
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“As a leader I was not aware of my rights and also the policies which is the guiding tools.”

After joining Gender Links I, as a leader, became outspoken and Confident to speak in the public events. I have gained courage to stand for what I believe in as a woman and as a deader.

In 2012 in Windhoek, I attended a conference on gender issues and observed on behalf of our council COE. I got to learn about gender-based violence (GBV) phenomenon and I implemented a category within my council that fights against GBV issues.

My personal statement is that we as women must reach our goals at every levels and structures at 50/50. I believe it is important to tackle the goal of eradicating GBV by 2030. In addition, the promotion of women in leadership and decision making positions is also some of the things I am passionate about.

As a gender champion, I have been involved in bringing change to accomplish gender equality. That is, to close the gap in gender inequality within the council. However, women still lag behind in income parity, opportunities for promotion and the ability to tap into government resources to balance home and work duties.

Women are holding higher positions such as Chairperson, Accountant, Artisan and more within our council. Championing gender has made many people recognise that women, as well as men, have an important role to play in the society.

As a gender champion, I have learnt that individuals and the organisation can reduce the risk of repeating mistakes and increase the chance that will enhance success within the council. The plans I have for future include attaining gender equality and promoting women to higher positions.