Namibia: Kalista Tshivolo

Date: October 4, 2018
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Catering business called Wambingi, located in Okatana towards Oshakati 5km form Ongwendiva. She started by making traditional Marula juice to sell and get money. She realised that in her area there was need of food. She started by doing braai meat and potatoes and soup. She processed Kapana and also Russian sausages. At that time she was selling her products under the tree but then she realised that harsh weather and rain would affect her business. This includes scotching sun, strong winds and rains. She negotiated with a friend nearby to rend her space to sell from.

She could not afford the rentals and moved to another place. She is a single mother of 3 and is taking care of call of them. If this is not testimony of a strong woman then nothing is. Before being trained she was not reinvesting back in the job. She did not budget and did not record her transactions in the cashbook. Kalista is unemployed and was literary depending on her grandmother for survival. She says she has managed to learn about banking and this has helped her save a lot.

She has managed to teach other women about gender equality and starting some small businesses in their community. She encourages independence and says not all businesses need a high injection of cash to kick off. She also says that she strongly believe the children are equals despite their sex. She is teaching them about self-respect and others.

She plans to employ 1 worker in the near future to help her with running the business. High competition has been her major headache but she is offering quality food at a competitive price. She also believe in cleanliness and that on its own bring more clients to her.

She says her future plan is to buy a truck and establish a bigger business. She is also improving her education and also the chance to get employment.

She says that she was amazed going to Windhoek living in a hotel, eating free food etc. For her it was her first time going to Windhoek.