Namibia: Patrick Shikesho

Date: July 3, 2019
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Name Patrick
Surname Shikesho
Country Namibia
Give a short history of the leader I started as a Home Based Care program volunteer translator at one CBO and than later I became a field volunteer at the same organization before I got employeed by the current CBO as a Community Wellness and Care program officer
Objectives My personal mission is to become a complete successful Gender Champion not just verbally but practically, emotionaly , spiritually and socially.
Key activities My work takes care of Sick, Terminal ill and Bedridden community members
Key challenges The misoverstadning of people wrong mindset in Culture and Religiously


Change at the individual level My Father who always been telling that ” shouting, insulting, beating and killing a woman is the worse thing ever a man can do be a complete 100% coward and its an INSULT TO GOD.
Evidence of change at the individual level “WOMAN ARE CREATOR” my father once said
Change at the household level I am a MEN who don’t entertain anger
Evidence of change at the household level A Men cannot be men until he start lovingly a woman
Change at institutional level To control anger it requires strong spiritual
Evidence of change at institutional level To control anger it requires strong spiritual
Change at a policy level Through championing gender related issues led to the most changes in peoples mindsets and at the national level as I set my speeches at any event where I get an opportunity to say something I dnt leave without saying anything about gender related matters.
Evidence of change at a policy level Only a woman who knows the pain of a human being
Capacity building Having initiated the gender awareness activities meant for Men such as; Life Coach program, Boys Club and i personally transformed my self to Men to Men gender talk, meaning that every time I meet with a fellow MEN that its a guarantee that Its my task and opportunity to say some thing at least to have mentioned words related to gender .
Lessons learned and shared I have learned that the difficult gender process is when one is trying to bring MEN together
Next Steps My future plans are to have a setup organization that deals with MEN social and Gender issue. aiming at providing gender awareness in to MEN in the community especially young boys. so that MEN can understand woman form young age.