Namibia: Wilhelmina Malapi

Date: July 29, 2019
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Name Wilhelmina
Surname Malapi
Country Namibia
Give a short history of the leader I become councillor for the local authority of Mariental as a young inexperience woman in leadership qualities. The attending of council and community meetings makes me realize that women are scared to take leadership positions and men never encourage women. My first tasks as woman councillor was to motivate women to avail themselves for positions in sub committees and to attend meetings in numbers for support of other women. My involvement in council work and support of other women was inspirational and women started to sit along men in community meetings.
Objectives To be the voice of the voiceless and to empower women in all spheres of development.
Key activities T o mobilize the community in achieving self sustainability through employment creation skills development, especially the previously marginalize ones like women and people living with disabilities.
Key challenges Women find it hard to believe in their abilities and does not have these opportunities that is always available to men. Improving on the lack of confidence is the problem.


Change at the individual level Made me more confidence to undertake tasks other would shy away from. The support from some of my male counterparts helped a lot. The support from male will push women further in being part of the social and economic change of society. I can address people with confidence and addressing school leaners at school to empower girls has become my priority area.
Evidence of change at the individual level During council meeting in Mariental Council chambers the mayor of our town Cllr. Wilem Mensah said the following: “The taking up of the management committee position by Cllr. Malapi is clear evidence that women are no longer at the back seat when it comes to development and it is clear that your involvement motivates women to attend council or community meetings.
Change at the household level I have started empowering young women in my family to be confident and to take leadership positions that was previously only for men.
Evidence of change at the household level My neighbour Mr. Johannes Matheus Itete said the following to me: ”Cllr. Malapi I would like to thank you for your assistance in confincing me to allow my wife to attend community issues and meetings. That involvement builds her self character and she is now able to talk to other members of the community. ”
Change at institutional level None
Evidence of change at institutional level None
Change at a policy level The council resolutions are clear on assisting the women development agendas and to empower women.
Evidence of change at a policy level None
Capacity building Adult literacy for community members who are older than the school going age and did not qualify to go for tertiary education has been started in Mariental and is still growing.
Lessons learned and shared It is never late to learn how to read or write. Women can never be excluded from issues affecting the community. Education start at home and to have an educated mother will benefit the children.
Next Steps To climb the leadership ladder and aim for female president in our country or party.