Nathalie Didier – Mauritius

Nathalie Didier – Mauritius

Date: June 30, 2015
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“I have been on a learning journey with Gender Links since 2010.This spans from time I attended a GL workshop and the subsequent regular training that have been given to us,” indicates Nathalie Didier a female radio presenter at the Mauritius broadcasting Corporation. Didier’s journey with GL began four years ago and it is far from ending. Over the past years she has began programme entitled “Etre Femme.” This is the product of her tremendous motivation and an enabling environment courtesy of the public broadcaster.

Etre Femme is a weekly programme that airs from Monday to Friday. She describes it as a tool to sensitise people about women’s lived realities. It tackles topics such as education, poverty, empowerment, GBV and so many more. This programme has even been promoted to air on television.

“With GL programmes and trainings I have become a transformed person. My outlook on life and the way I undertake my duties has totally transformed. It has given me a better understanding to all issues. Before GL was introduced to us we were mainly talking about women’s rights, but after GL we went further to engage on specific gender issues,” she continues.

Thanks to Loga Virahsawmy, former Francophone Director and GL board member, this change has manifested itself in Didier’s life. “Loga is committed to this fight for gender equality. She truly believes in it, and is dedicated to the work she does.”

Didier notes that she has gained more knowledge through her interactions with GL, notably about the different forms of violence that fall under the umbrella term Gender Based violence. “I was introduced to a new concept of economic violence that I did not know existed. Now I can articulate these issues confidently to others. I have also become gender sensitive and aware in my reporting, hence my programme Etre Femme. Even as I report, I delve deeper into issues as my analytical skills have been enhanced,” she notes.

Distancing herself from the current trends of arm chair journalism that haunt the media houses today, Didier goes to the women on site to access their voices from where they are. This is proving to be effective as Didier is able to tell and capture these women’s experiences and stories, for example, by interviewing who have entered into non-traditional roles. She is also in a position to motivate them to continue doing what they do and even encourage them to seek advice and help from different stakeholders.

Didier’s work life balance is in harmony. She is able to share her experiences and knowledge with members of her family, especially her daughter. Her relationship with her daughter has transformed. “I bring up my daughter differently now. I sensitise her about gender issues, and make her understand more about what being a responsible and knowledgeable young woman entails. My daughter feels concerned about gender issues. She says she will be aware of the importance of her security in this ever increasingly unsafe worlds, and that she also understands the importance of her education.

Didier’s confidence has grown so much now. In the community she advises unemployed women to look for jobs or begin other income generating projects to uplift and take control of their own lives. “It was not so easy, but I had to convince them, as we did not always have the same way of looking at things. In time, they were convinced. I am satisfied with this journey I am on. I wish to go beyond what I am doing now. I even want to motivate that they put the Etre Femme on other MBC channels. I also want to take up bigger challenges, to help in contributing to 50/50 by 2015.”


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