Nomsa Dlamini – Swaziland

Nomsa Dlamini – Swaziland

Date: June 7, 2012
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Nomsa Dlamini, Bucopho from the Nhlambeni Kashali Inkhundla is in her first term in office and at the time of the interview, she had been part of this inkhundla for three months.  She says that having worked with men previously in the Community Policing Forum and the inner council where she was one of the only women among many men, she now feels freer and more able make her points in council. In the past, she had not even considered running for elections. The chairman of the police in the area encouraged her to stand based on her work in the Community Police Forum (CPF). “Our police chairman in the area is the one who suggested that I stand for elections. We worked together in the CPF and he said his request was based on the work they had seen from me.”

As a street vendor, she also gained experience working with people selling different food stuffs. Furthermore, being a member of the ZC church also gave her opportunities to speak freely and get involved. “This has helped build up my confidence. I also feel that if I do not show confidence, then the issues that I raise will not be taken seriously.”

Her experience working with communities is recognised as a great advantage by her colleagues, “When I do not say anything, my colleagues will ask me for my input and give me the platform as they say that I am used to working with communities and I need to share that. The community could see that I work well with community people. I treat all those I work with, with respect. They have all seen my work and the women of the community in particular believed that I could do something for them.”

She is one person for whom education is very important. The previous Council had started a school project, the construction of teachers’ homes roofs, but had left it incomplete. Since the start of her terms she has been able to restart the process, liaising with the school principal regarding outstanding information and then taking matter to the Council for their intervention. For her this is an important project, because currently teachers have to stay far from the school because there is nowhere closer for them. “Educational facilities are key to education and teachers play a key role in this. Therefore teachers need to be comfortable. This is my contribution to advancing education. “

She is also planning to start a pre-school for those children whose families cannot afford school fees and as a result are unable to access pre-school. Pre-schools are important for the growth and development of both boy and girl children and they also free women up to participate in other activities outside of their reproductive roles. This particular project link to the soup kitchen project which she plans to also tackle in her term as uBucopho. The soup kitchens will be geared to benefit mainly orphans who often have o struggle to get food Through soup kitchens, these orphans will be able to get at least one meal per day.


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