Owen Nxumalo – Swaziland

Owen Nxumalo – Swaziland

Date: July 24, 2012
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Owen Nxumalo, current Mayor of Manzini Municipal Council says that there has been progress over the past few years with the council going from no women to three out of 12 in the current term.  Nxumalo concedes that despite their dominance, men have not necessarily provided exemplary leadership. This observation has led to men and communities being more open to being led by women as men seem to have failed in their responsibility to deliver services to communities. “A lot of Swazis are beginning to recognise that women are very powerful and that women can do work sometimes better than men.”

He adds that the Vote for a Woman campaign has benefitted women. “In the coming years, I am hoping for better, at least there must be 50/50. I am also looking forward to having a woman to be Mayor of Manzini. My deputy is a woman and I give her the opportunity to lead us. She is a strong woman.”

The Deputy Mayor, Khanyisile Mamba, had the following to say of the support she received: “Men were very supportive of me. The current Mayor is very supportive and we get along; we often share ideas with one another. We talk about issues before attending meetings. Even when I have moved motions, they support me.”


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