Pascaline Razafinimaro – Madagascar

Pascaline Razafinimaro – Madagascar

Date: May 29, 2012
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My first workshop with Gender Links was in August 2010, and I followed all the trainings until 2011. The most memorable workshop for me was on internet use, quite an unknown matter for me. I was struggling given the fact that it was the first time for me to use a computer. GL with Ialfine and Zoto has taught us many modules that are really useful for our work and our life in general.

During the workshops with Gender Links, we were trained on gender as a concept, the SADC protocol on gender and development, communication and the Internet, climate change and sustainable development, conflict resolution and action plan drafting. Each one of these modules was directly applicable in my village and in my council in general. In fact, for example, in terms of communication and Internet, I was able to create my own e-mail address from which I could develop partnerships with foreign councils; I could participate in discussions with other entities which was very fruitful for my work. It was also thanks to these trainings and the contact with GL that I could participate at the national gender justice and local governments summit Madagascar.

Thanks to Gender Links trainings, I could improve my methodology of work. In conflict resolution for instance, now I am aware of the techniques of negotiation, the best way of communication with others, and the roles of chief of villages in facilitating conflicts in the village. The training also gave me the qualities of a good leader as well as a manager. Even the members of my association told me that I am more methodical and enthusiastic than before after following GL workshops. Then, even if I am a woman, now I am more sure of myself and can prove to society that women can do as well as men in all fields. In fact, in my community, to be a woman is still considered a handicap. Women are expected to be at home and to wait for men to support the family.

Working with Gender Links has made me a better person, and really strive to make society a better place, especially for women. GL trained us to be aware of all issues related to gender, and it is now our responsibility to apply what we have learned. Now the upcoming summit in Johannesburg is an important event for me; I am participating as a candidate, and since I was selected to participate in the regional summit, it has added legitimacy to my work, and I’ve been able to convince people in my village about the way forward.



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