Peggy Nyirenda Mwape – Zambia

Peggy Nyirenda Mwape – Zambia

Date: June 16, 2015
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Champion for change
Councillor Peggy Nyirenda Mwape is a councillor for Luanshya Municipal Council fisenge ward 11. She first encountered GL during the research in Zambia in 2008. She then attended the strategy workshop in February 2009 and the provincial Gender Action Plan workshop November 2009. Now she is actively involved in the COE process. She described her experience as follows:

“In Luanshya district there are only 4 female councillors against 26 male councillors and in the past it has been quite difficult to really express myself fully as a woman in the midst of men and also looking at the traditions and the myths that surround women representation in politics I used to find it quite difficult to articulate and convince the men on developmental issues that concern women. But through my association with GL, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how I can assertively and confidently articulate gender issues in my ward, during council meetings and in different forums that I have represented the council.

I have also learnt how to mainstream gender in my planning at ward level. I can now confidently address GBV and gender issues at my council and ward, the training has also capacitated me with knowledge on gender issues and how to mount up campaigns at community level using different communication strategies.

I have also used the knowledge I gained at my workplace-the council by encouraging the council to establish a gender committees at ward level. I now understand the need for such a committee and at least is one way we can achieve the 50/50 campaign.

GL should continue with research work and disseminate findings to all political stakeholders. You also need to educate the decision makers and policy makers on gender issues so that they begin to incorporate women at all levels of decision making.

GL should also continue to tack stock of government’s commitment in implementing the targets of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. Include especially district councils in remote areas in the COE process. The councils should also be helped to mobilise resources for efficient and effective implementation of the gender and GBV action plans at local level.”


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