Phumulani Musagwiza – Zimbabwe

Phumulani Musagwiza – Zimbabwe

Date: June 6, 2012
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I am a councillor in Harare, and I think involving and empowering women at the local government level is crucial for development. I can testify to the fact that equal and constructive partnerships can be forged at the local level for the good of both women and men in communities.

I come from a Christian view that says that ‘we are our brother’s keepers.’ I thus am involved in my community to represent the interests of the vulnerable social groups in my community i.e. the elderly, the albinos, the disabled, OVCs, women and children” says Musagwiza. “Resentment is due to lack of understanding of gender policies and the need to conscientise and educate the masses. I have a daughter and she needs a platform where she can say my father smoothed things for me and has empowered the girl child from providing her with educational to business opportunities, to give her equal opportunity.

Women have added value to local politics for there cannot be a world of men only. Everyone needs the opportunity to exercise their rights and talents in an environment set for equal standards regardless of sex. The presence of women is basically to do with service delivery issues as non-service delivery affects women the most. So their presence means there is no stone left untouched. Women will also be lobbying for improvements in service delivery. Men in turn have lost nothing. But what they have gained, however, is that women’s participation enhances and contributes a lot to a polarised society. We thus need a society that can also understand gender issues. Service delivery-related issues as these affect women the most on a day to day basis e.g. water, electricity issues.

I introduced the gender policy motion for women and the disabled, the albinos and other vulnerable social groups in our society in the City of Harare. I am in favour of changing the current restrictions by building a community of participation where everyone is given room to air and participate. Culture is dynamic and changes are happening within our generation when it comes to culture. Our generation needs a paradigm shift to engage culture more dynamically. The Zimbabwe Constitution should enshrine women and citizen rights to advance where they have been deprived. Culture has been disadvantaging women and does so in the context of a diversified world we now have today. It has to rise to the challenges as well by changing and becoming more dynamic.




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