Rasoanirina Beby Euphrasie – Madagascar

Rasoanirina Beby Euphrasie – Madagascar

Date: November 23, 2015
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Financial independence can end violence

Euphrasie is a forty year old woman living in the council of Morondava. Morondava is a tourist town located in the southwest of Madagascar.

Encouraged by the paralegal of the local counselling centre of the council, she participated in the training on entrepreneurship offered by Gender Links (GL). Euphrasie attended the various stages of training and put into practice all the lessons received. The session on gender allowed her to become aware of her rights, to take confidence and get out of her situation as a victim of conjugal violence.

Prior to the training, Euphrasie suffered different types of violence inflicted by her husband: in addition to his absence in the family life, he did not participate in the household expenses, which has led to their separation a year ago. At that time, Euphrasie took refuge at the CECJ, listening and counselling centre.

Left alone with her children, Euphrasie was motivated to develop her business, selling readymade products at the market. She applied the lessons transferred by GL. Euphrasie began keeping an accounting book to manage her business better. She immediately saw the results. “Good management of stock, resources and expenses guarantees good benefits” she says proudly. She even ended up opening a bank account.

The improvement of Euphrasie’s business had a positive influence on her family life. Her children are happy to see their mother succeed despite her sorrowful past. After their separation, Euphrasie has returned to her husband and they have started to live together again. Euphrasie has also learned to listen as she gained confidence. While everything proceeds peacefully, her husband participates fully in family life.

She learned to be patient and empathic, this is what allowed her to better understand others and reconcile with her family in-laws who were once on bad terms with her. Euphrasie also began to participate in the social life of the neighbourhood; she is more open to her friends and her neighbours. She visits them now and even gives them advice on the training that she received when it is needed.

Thanks to the different changes in her private and professional life, Euphrasie is now sharing the secret of her success with her friends and those around her.

Currently, she plans to create an association of women entrepreneurs in her town and help women victims of violence.



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