RAVELOARISOA Patricia Bien Aimee

RAVELOARISOA Patricia Bien Aimee

Date: December 3, 2015
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“I am so happy to share with others”

Patricia is a young gender activist living in the urban council of Moramanga, a council located at 110 kilometres from the capital of Antananarivo. She encountered Gender Links for the first time at one of the workshops organised in the council for the centre of excellence initiative. At that time, she was a member of a local women’s association. She then joined the entrepreneurship training in 2013.

Before the training Patricia did not have stable revenue. She was doing laundry and cleaning for her neighbors and the money she gained was just enough to buy food. Moreover, her husband was always absent and he did not support her household needs. Patricia had never thought her life would change later.

The training on life skills and entrepreneurship had a positive impact on her life. “I realised that women have the same abilities as men and have a great role to play in society”, she says. After the last training, she made an effort to set up her own business. As she was granted a loan from a micro finance agency, she could develop her business rapidly and open a shop in the market. Thanks to good management, she was able to increase her income and save money in the bank account that she had opened during the training.

Patricia says that the training encouraged her to have goals in her life. Before this, her ideas were confused and she was afraid to undertake projects. Now that she has her own business, she is more responsible and is able to share her knowledge with her friends and community.

Patricia has created an association of women in her village. This association aims at promoting women’s entrepreneurship and ending gender violence. Currently, the association has not yet got partners. However, the contribution of its members is already sufficient to organise different activities. “I am so happy to share what I have learned with others”, she explains.

Patricia argues that change begins at the individual level and then within society in general. The members of her association are being provided with entrepreneurship skills and are learning how to generate income to start their own business. She adds that they need to strengthen their economic base to improve the current unemployment situation and create activities that can include everyone in the community.


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