SA: Christina Maringa

Date: September 25, 2018
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Nothing makes us as lonely as our secrets 

I started attending Gender links training on the 25 of November 2014, and my life was changed and a light in me shined.

I was invited by the guy from the council called Shadrack Ramalepe to come to the workshop where women will be talking and sharing their problems, and I thought it was one of those workshops I have been. I am old and a widow and what is it that I can learn that is new so I thought.  

I learned that is not good for a person to keep a secret and not tell others about the abuse that is happening in your life. If you have problems you must share with other people because they might be able to assist you in finding the solutions for those problems. 

I am a fashion designer. I have attended all the trainings. I have learned to write a business plan, and being our own entrepreneur by starting our business as part of self-development. And coming to this training has helped me a lot because I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills. I am not going to give up on my business. I have lot of orders to design I even find a car to deliver. 

Gender Links taught me to move forward with my life and leave the past behind me. They equipped me with entrepreneurial skills and restored my lost hope. I was living in darkness as I was not aware of my rights as a woman. The entrepreneurship programme motivated me to start my own business. The main challenge I faced was the failure to raise capital to set up a business. I failed to put into practice the knowledge I obtained due to lack of resources. The organisation equipped me with the knowledge but resources impeded me from reaching the targeted result.. What I thought to be the only gateway to my new business 

I design fashion dresses, skirts, and traditional clothes for Tsonga and Pedi people. I have learned that a woman must not sit and do nothing, as a woman  you have to stand by myself and avoid being dependent to others. My partner, He was abusive towards me and my children. I reported him to the law so that he can stop the abuse.  

I would like to pass my gratitude to Gender Links for helping me. I will not give up on my business.