Date: June 20, 2019
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Give a short history of the leader

A definite light bulb moment was when I realised that the dream I had since 2005 it became a reality. Named the SAPS Woman of the Year 2009 for the Western Cape and experienced a prestige event of sharing of best practices. I then realised that the need to establish a summit focussing on all social needs and interacting with all spheres of live as everyone is at some stage a victim. Being part of the SADC Summit in 2012 opened up more ideas and I was able to initiate a summit that follows the structure and aims of the 28 targets of the SADC protocol with a twist that set a platform for the Mossel Bay to ensure that all work together and sharing best practices and ensure that people start working together and not in silo’s. This resulted in Mossel Bay being the first COE in the SADC region to host such an event. Taking it a step further, was the challenge to broaden my horizon by focussing on organisations outside my comfort zone to ensure that gender is mainstreamed through all spheres in the communities and therefore reaching out to communities such as Swartland, Matzikama and Elsie River.


To establish change by means of capacitation and education with the focus on transfer of soft skills to ensure that the process of gender mainstreaming and empowerment will never end. Using the powers within, I am able to implement policy, programs and support systems to ensure transformation within the community. A Strategy developer and the implementer to ensure that the necessary resources, assistance and support is available to empower the community of Mossel Bay. If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you a true driver of change.

Key activities

Buy in action plan, Innovative ideas to Director to produce at:

Directors Board, Social Committee, Council Meeting, ‘Gift of the Gab, action plan implementation, feed the Director with action plans and budget needs so that he will be able to:

Support Gender Focal Person

Provision in IDP for Gender

Popularising the COE process

Constant flow of information

No More Victim Summit (first in SADC Region)

Education & Capacity Building (Ward based training focussing on operational plans for each ward to focus on the Protocol on Gender and Development)

Address Speakers Forum in Stellenbosch on the Gender Links process and the No More Victim Summit, roadshow to George Municipality and Bitou Municipality – result in a mentoring agreement between Mossel Bay Municipalities and other Municipalities.


Political influence can be a challenge for example -Programs paused due to political dates. Separation of powers – (Politics vs Administration). Changing of budget system – easier to track gender budget

Key challenges      

I think the biggest challenge lays within the organisation itself. Being the implementer on the ground, the challenge lays to ensure that the decision-making authority is on the same level. To establish gender change within the institution I need to relay on management to secure budget, and buy-in. Sometimes emotional decisions are being taken from management side that interrupt a program. To put it on track takes time and to build trust that was broken is difficult. There is a difference between having a calling for gender development and being employed to be a driver for change. The function of the unit is seen as an unfunded mandate. This result in budget allocation to be given in a smaller portion as funding comes out of the equitable share. Restructuring and legislative mandate and internal changes.


Change at the individual level

Being a victim of sexual abuse left me with a feeling that I am not worthy (parents choose to support the perpetrator and not the victim). I had this urge for restorative justice in my life. I realized that I could change my life story by focusing on the rewriting of my life story, changing the negative in a positive. This resulted in a mission to ensure that change is possible in the community. To build relationships, strengthen relations that result in people being empowered standing up for their believes to be a victor not a victim.

Evidence of change at the individual level, Gershwille Olivier Bosasa Youth Development Centre

“I would like to extend my gratitude towards you for allowing, accepting me as your intern March 2015. I was fortunate to have a supervisor as you who always saw the best in people and while go beyond for your clients. I hope you continue charging and fight the social ills that currently present itself in Mosselbay. Your main aspect was gender issues, which is very prevalent in the Mbay area. Your wisdom and drive to educate and make Mossel Bay and surrounding communities aware gender based violence was evident.

Change at the household level.

My daughter is 18 years old and since the age of 6 years, she is assisting me in the community when I’m having programs on gender based violence, sport clinics and even workshops. Coming out of a house, were mommy do narrative counselling, she build up a knowledge of perseverance and even started to refer children with problems to the school social worker or ask mommy to intervene to refer. This resulted in a openness in the household that is not always understood in the community as sex, gender, violence is part of daily education, capacity building and communication.

Evidence of change at the household level

Gwyn Harding (Director)- The Municipality moved away from compliance, to Developmental Local Government! The Gender unit will now have provision on the organigram for an assistance, student and intern.





Evidence of change at institutional level Lucinda Piedt

When implementing the succession planning policy and the role out of the training program for MMDP, it is important for the union that opportunities needs to be created to ensure that training undergo, can be put in use in a practically manner.

Transformation is a continuous process – a wheel turning on a daily basis. Nothing stays the same and therefor the plan must be transparent and open to ensure that everyone work out of the same scope. Budget will always remain a constrain – but with the building of partnerships, it can be overcome.

Next Steps

Extension of the Wardbase program, to focus on the registration of NPO is to ensure budgetary assistance. Pushing the agenda for a Western Cape, Gender Focal Person Forum – COGTA