South Africa: Dimpho Mathabela

South Africa: Dimpho Mathabela

Date: January 2, 2023
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Change is the result of true learning

“Today I am able to help women and teach them to be independent and not to depend to abusive men”

Dimpho is the true definition of dynamites come in small packages, she is a strong-headed woman, energetic and enthusiastic. At a young age, she saw the need to protect elderly woman from poverty, neglect and abuse. She is the co-founder of SMK an organisation for the elderly that help them from the abuse they receive from the society, family and community at large.

“I am a caring person especially to the elders, I love spending my time with them and helping them with their needs. I am a happy person and it takes time for me to build up anger. I am a feminist and I always take women issues to heart mostly older women who are abused by their children”

Dimpho is a caregiver to her community, taking care of the communities grandparents helping them plant their own vegetable gardens, hand work like knitting, art work and exercising. Dimpho met One in Nine through Norma Mbele of Tosunga Baninga and she became a feminist political education participant. “I will never forget how One in Nine empowered me as a woman not to depend on men but be my own person and that I must be aware of the power I possess”

“I am passionate about helping my community, I have a group of young children who I help with homework and I also give extra lessons, I teach them how to behave and how to be creative. I also have a passion for gardening, planting flowers and maintaining food gardens”

“I used to be selfish and think only for myself but thanks to the sessions I had with 1in9 I’ve seen a change in my attitude, I learned a lot about abuse and I saw that some of my action are abusive to other people. I teach people not to be abusive yet I do the same so I saw it is fit for me to change.”

Dimpho learnt from the art for liberation workshop and took the skills to her community and her organisation as it taught her that there are many ways to pass a message. She comforts her members with the messages she learns from the workshops.

“I believe a lot of woman need 1in9, hence I say 1in9 must keep up helping woman and showing them how important they are in this world and how powerful we are. They must continue giving woman skills so that in the coming years woman become respectable leaders”

Dimpho is a game changer, giving hope to both young and old woman, she is not only learning from the campaign but also implementing the lessons in her everyday life

Her future plans are to build an old age home so that she can continue taking care of these elderly people that she holds dear to her heart and to work hand in hand with the police force to protect elders and keep them safe, she wants to include health care workers that will make medication easily accessible and also work with social workers.