Swaziland – Benjamin Msane

Date: July 6, 2018
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“One don’t have to be great in order to start, but one has to start to be great.”

The issues of violence are not new to most people, one may not have been abused but have seen someone being abused or heard from the media. Being aware that something happens does not require training but a bold stand which means taking actions even when others are no longer supporting. I began by assisting one girl aged 12 years old. She needed to be taken for check-up after she was sexual abused. The sole purpose was to keep an environment which is more conducive and free from violence of all kinds.

The nature of my work is quite an engaging work because it allows me to work with people from all walks of life. This further creates an opportunity to rub shoulders with people who have experienced with issues that relate to gender-based violence. There is so much on the cards to do in order for the society to change and become a better place for all.

Gender issues are daily activities which we may not practically see each day. To champion gender has not been a walk in the park as more questions come in even from women who feel that to empower a woman brings more division than unity. For more lessons to be conducted is a way to try and address the importance of gender equality in the society.

The understanding of gender issues has not been a done deal yet. When gender related issues are tabled, one asks himself or herself who is going to attend to it. It has not been a case where one is assigned to become a committed person on gender issues. Budget for gender activities is not easily attained. This is because women and girls are taken to be troublesome and only want things done their way.

The issues of health at all levels needs a serious overlook. I have been involved in cleaning the area as a way to keep things in place. There are still issues of environment and climate change which at some point are caused by the waste we do not take care of. We destroy many things by not being able to understand certain health issues.

The change in my life as far as gender issues are concerned has made me to take some changes to the people in the Town. They have to understand the situations they are facing and find better ways they can to handle their own issues amicably. The 50/50 campaign on its own does not do much, it required a strong body that will feed people information. I tend to engage myself in raising awareness against any form of GBV within my community and country at large.