Swaziland – Dumsile Mavuso

Date: July 6, 2018
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“Know your rights and stand for your future.”

Losing parents on diabetes and discovered that I also inherited the disease made me quite anxious about life. It needed me to change lifestyle and do community teachings, schools, churches, and workplaces on healthy eating and exercise and partnering with strategic organisation.

Dumsile Mavuso was a head girl at school. When I worked for few years, I held a post of being a Secretary General where I worked. Even at church I was a leader for women and also a Sunday school teacher. Being a woman has never limited me, I have always been a leader. I believe I was born to lead.

I am passionate about changing lives of people living with diabetes. It all started with me when I realised what had happened to my parents, which could have happened to me too. Hence I saw the need to change my lifestyle to fight diabetes. The sky is the limit, I dream big and hope to achieve more in this time I live in.

I am a director, health educator, advocate and organiser. All this need financial support. All these years I have been pushed by passion and ended up using my personal resources to achieve my goal. I have learned that an NGO is not a charity organisation, people have to pay for the services you render so that you can reach many communities.

I can stand for my rights, no one can bother me. I know how to take care of myself and I am in a control of the condition. I want people to get a better understanding that they can do it without depending to partners. It does not matter what disease you have, if it can be treated then people can face life with a positive attitude every day.

As a gender champion, I wish to have a training centre in a regional level whereby I can help people living with diabetes and other diseases know that it is not the end of the world. I would like to raise awareness in every corners of the country.

Photo: Courtesy to Diabetes Swaziland