Swaziland: Felicia Motinga

Date: October 4, 2018
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“I am an empowered woman and in control of my future. I do not need a man to depend on economically.”

Felicia Motinga started a baking business called Brukaros Bakery in Berseba. The name of the bakery is derived from the prominent geological mountain feature and tourist attraction in the Karas region. It is situated some 100 kilometres north west of Keetmanshoop, 15 kilometres from Berseba. The inhabitants are mostly farmers, pensioners, youngsters and government workers with the population of 10 500 according to the census survey in 2011.

The business involves selling cakes, biscuits fat-cooks, breads, buns sandwiches. It targets customers such as the pensioners, school kids and the community at large. She market her products at the local school during break time since they are not allowed to leave the school premises.

Brukaros bakery expect to attract the interest of regular local loyal customers and eventually compete at the same level with other established bread baking companies.  Felicia has the competitive age of offering her products at reduced prices, to meet the demanding of the low- to middle income of the local market area.  Tourists who visit Berseba are now buying Felicia`s products and this has seen a tremendous boom in her profits. The fact that any income group of the community can afford to buy her products has helped to sustain her business.

Now that the company is fairly well established in Berseba, Felicia plans to build a stronger market position and around the village due to the business experience she gained working with Gender Links. Felicia who have attended all three entrepreneurship phases says she has gained valuable knowledge during entrepreneurship training like budgeting, planning and financial prudence. She has even went on to get professional training at Dantago’s Baking Company for 2 years. She believes she has learnt excellent customer service and good communication with community.

Felicia is a gender champion because she has managed to employ two staff member in her Baking business. She also managed to repay the debt for start-up capital for the business is N$ 20 000 borrowed from the bank or local authority.  The business owner had a strong belief and faith in her business and after her training she volunteered at Dantagos baking as a trainee and after six months was paid N$3000.00 and saved N$2000 in her account. She was hired by another company in the some baking industry where she earned better salary. After one year she left the job and went back to Berseba and start her own business with the N$20 000 she saved in the bank.

Mrs Motinga has defied all odds and is now running for council position despite the chastening patriarchal culture of her community. She says she would not have contemplated of taking this bold step had it not been for the exposure she got through attending Gender Links summits. She says through peer learning she has managed to canvass local support and is confident she can win the next election to become a councillor. Felicia dreams of becoming the first female Mayor of Berseba.

The registration of the business will be done with the village council, social security and when it is fully developed. It will be registered with the Ministry of trade and industry.

Below is an excerpt of Felicia Motinga’s monthly costing of Brukaros Bakery running costs