Swaziland – Phumaphi Mamba

Date: July 6, 2018
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“Live to the fullest with Diabetes.”

I am a Director of Diabetes, who had a problem with high glucose level. When I got to experience how diabetes affect people, by working with diabetic people, I then started a programme to help fight diabetes.

I am a gender focal person. I worked with people mostly youth on gender issues and gender based violence (GBV) which also affects them as they are growing up. I am enthusiastic about working towards raising awareness on GBV and diabetes.

As a gender focal person, I have managed to instil a 50/50 idea within my community. My family and other people from the neighbourhood now understand the importance of gender equality, and GBV issues have been combated.

It is quite difficult to reach as many communities as we wish because of financial constraints. I have worked with Swaaga within the program of Diabetes and GBV to educate the public. I am yearning to reach as many places as possible to help people.

My standard of living has improved as a gender focal person and as a gender champion. I have got to realise that it is important for people to be gender sensitive and to be quite aware that to attain gender equality is a goal that has to be achieved.

Photo: Courtesy to Diabetes Swaziland