Sylvia Fologang- Matenge

Date: May 21, 2014
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The leader was workshoped on gender action plan and centre of Excellence. She then while working for Sowa Township, encouraged the council to have a gender committee which she formed thereafter and workshopped on the COE process. She then prepared to present on the category of Economic empowerment at the national and regional in 2010. She then never stopped and went on to unveil the gender mainstreaming curtains in Chobe District where she baptized the committee and gave them all authority to plan and execute their activities. In 2012 Mrs Jeremia exhumed the long buried gender action plan of Chobe District Council, formed the now active gender committee and helped them stand on their feet to understand all that there is about gender mainstreaming in the COE. She saw them through the 2012 summit locally and regionally which they have since excelled, not only in the COE process but as well as other categories which they have shown to also excel on with the Champion pioneering it.

Download : 18681_main-applicationgender-champion-applicationsylvia-matenge.docx

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