Taking Care of environment and women and youth empowerment

Taking Care of environment and women and youth empowerment

Date: April 30, 2015
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Marjorie sitali timm is a councillor for muunga ward in kabwe district.iam also a gender champion for Kabwe municipal council.i became a gender champion since 2012 when i became associated with genderlinks. I did my my presentation on gender based violence and i was awarded with a runner up certificate in 2012.i also chair a licensing committee within our council after being elected by my fellow councillors.Councillor Marjorie is also a teacher by profession.
With my leadership skills and ability to initiate programms ,activism and activities,it has been my dream to push for gender mainstreaming programms within the council and the community level.The work i mostly do is raising awareness and also help the youth to form clubs to help them be kept busy.


A short history of the leader
The background helped me to do community sensitization and also help women and youths form clubs,and also to promote empowerment on both men and women,
Coming from a teaching background and with a great passion of seeing that both women and men and the youths are engaged in programms to end gender bases violence,taking care of the environment (keep kabwe clean and grreen campaign) clean water to save lives and also empowerment i have made sure that the action plan which was drafted and and adopted by our council in 2014 was gender sensitive.since being involved with genderlinks as a gender champion i am fully involved in sensitization programms both in the council and in different wards with the help of my fellow councillors.I also do it in churches especially when iam invited for other programms.
Iam working with the youths especially on the dangers drug abuse ,hence i have involved the police and headmen in talking to the youths.We have started peer education programms in 5 wards in which iam part of the facilitators and we are planning to extend the programm to other wards.we also talk to the youths on the dangers of hiv aids and also life skills.
My objectives are to establish the gendered dimessins of hiv/aids and raise awareness of the disease within the council and the community at large
To involve women and men as key stewards of the environment in environmental preservation projecte.
To adreess issues of safety witin communities that affect women especially in informal settlements

Download : 20451_genderchampionleadershipapplicationnm0320156.docx

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