Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership

Date: May 28, 2014
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My vision is to have a just society where rights of the vulnerable especially women and children are equally respected and enjoyed by all. In my work as a gender activist, has been very natural for me to be able to share the feelings of others especially women and children, of course some disadvantaged men as well on matters regarding Gender based violence and women in leadership. I surely know that I have been able to inspire so many people within my country and beyond in the work that I do. One time, I was attending a meeting in Uganda where we were required to mention one woman who has inspired us in our work or lives, interestingly, one young woman whom I remember working with some ten years ago, stood up and told the gathering that one woman that had inspired her career was myself. This was least expected in a very far place from home. Am guided by the principal of equally, universality and dignity and therefore , I strive to ensure that these principles are respected at all times I do strongly feel that all my work borders on respect and promotion of human rights for all. In all this work, a leader needs to lead by example in areas of demonstrating confidence, exercising diplomacy when you want to engage with different levels of people, while having calculated properly in terms of what can be said and not. A leader has to be patriot, honest, transparent, accountable, and responsive to issues as they come. Innovativeness is one key area for sustaining leadership, it is equally very critical that a leader is very responsible.

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