Violet Mumba

Date: June 10, 2014
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When I was first elected as a councillor I went through a lot of emotional moments, people used to mock me, they said all sorts of bad things about me. I understand, standing as a councillor, Member of Parliament and president is not easy, you will receive all sorts of bad comments and a lot of people will be against you but my case was different people used to behave badly towards me because I am a woman and they thought I would not make a good councilor. You know how it is in our country in politics women are regarded as tails. I lost courage and I was about to give up because the whole thing was becoming too much but by Godâ € ™s grace I still had the courage to show people in my ward that I might be a great leader. Thanks to my fellow women who were there for me in good and bad times and a few men because of them I am where I am today. As a leader my work is very important because I am able to coordinate the members in my community to sit and come up with ways to bring development to our ward. I am able to listen to their problems and together we see what solutions we can come up with. I am qualified to be a driver of change because I know that I am influential. I see a good programme which the people need I present it to them and discuss with them. Showing them how they may benefit from the project so that they make a good decision to join the project. That way we have seen change in my ward. Apart from being influential I am also a good listener because I know that people also have good ideas to bring development to my community.

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