Zambia: Mulenga Kateule

Date: March 6, 2020
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Name Mulenga
Surname Kateule
Country Zambia
Give a short history of the leader Before i joined politics, i became a member of the Girls Brigade at my church (the United Church of Zambia, Kitwe), little did i know that i started practicing leadership as i was chosen as a Girl’s Captain for the group. The church appreciated my works and i chosen to be a leader at district level. During this time, i got a chance to physically meet the late Honourable Minister of Gender, Ms. Kalima, she encouraged me to join politics and i really got inspired such that i decided to become a member of the Patiotic Front, the current Government then i became chairperson of the ward in my community and upon delivering well, i was overwhelmingly supported by women to become the councillor of the ward and i won.
I was chosen among my fellow councillors to become the Gender Champion for the council and i welcomed this appointment and since then, i have developed so much interest in gender works and striving to bring about change in this area and really working hard to mobilise girl child to practice their rights so that come 2030, we reach a target of 50-50 gender representation in parliament
Objectives To positively impact the lives of people and help women and girls live better lives. I also love to share information in my community on gender issues and other issues that affect their day to day lives. I am making a difference in my society by helping people in need and ensuring that there is development in my ward.
Key activities I reach out to churches, homes, schools, communities and i train community members of all
age groups on gender related issues, like gender equality, women empowerment and gender based violence among others.i usually carry out this when i am invited at places like schools,churches,communities and during my community visitations.
Key challenges Women are undermined and we are not given enough privilege to stand in various positions because they still that we cannot deliver as compared to men and yet in actual sense women deliver well when they take up such positions. Women are determined and dedicated to their works. I believe both men and women are key stakeholders in development. In order to overcome these challenges, theres need for capacity building training and dissemination of information pertaining to this


Change at the individual level It has changed my life because i am able to mingle with the great men and i have built self image, self esteem and I am now knowledgeable. I am able to speak in public and i have become a source of hope to others. I receive alot of support from the council in my work and work closely with the Gender Focal Point Person, District AIDS Coordinating Advisor.
Evidence of change at the individual level Honourable Mwila Mutale. He appreciates my works, he says ii have never disappointed him and he always encourages me o continue working hard
Change at the household level i have learned to balance up both boys and girls in terms of education, even when my husband is not around, i am able to sort out issues at home.
Evidence of change at the household level My husband Mr. Amon Chabala, he always says that i have changed tremendously and i am able to sort out issues on my own since i became the Gender Champion
Change at institutional level The people i helped get jobs include Cecilia Banda, Josephine Chamunda, Prisca Namonje, Woolfson Kampamba, and Justin Chama the late. They were so happy to have some source of income that helped them take care of their families
Evidence of change at institutional level The people i helped get jobs include Cecilia Banda, Josephine Chamunda, Prisca Namonje, Woolfson Kampamba, and Justin Chama the late. They were so happy to have some source of income that helped them take care of their families
Change at a policy level It has brought about equal participation even though there are few women represented in policy making. They can share the
same responsibilities, there is unity and harmony. and we believe that no one is above the other.
Evidence of change at a policy level We are currently working on the Gender and HIV/AIDS workplace policy and i am striving to ensure that the policy favours both men and women.
Capacity building I undertook a training in 2017, which was spearheaded by Gender links in Lusaka, i am yet to build capacity to others as i carry out my gender works.
Lessons learned and shared Being gender aware makes it easy for me to take into account the different needs and interests of both men and women, Gender is a wide topic. I have learned that when you are gender aware you manage your life ,your family, workmates and neighbours. I ensure i share all information i get regarding gender and this has opened my understanding and dealings in gender issues. Whatever i learn i teach, is what i teach. I have come to know that very few people are gender aware hence the need to keep disseminating information to people.
Next Steps I have come to love and enjoy my works in gender, it is very interesting and i want to reach out to all age groups through community meetings, radio programmes, local and international events, school clubs, churches among others. I want to be sharing knowledge to all and empower women if need be as statistics show that most women live in poverty. Gender discrimination is still happening and its one of the issues i would love to work on. It wont be an easy job i know but through hard work and determination, i believe i impact change in the lives of people