Zimbabwe – Casper Pound

Date: July 20, 2018
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“A man with helping hands.”

I led a peaceful march to the state minister for provincial affairs to hand over a petition. The police denied us the opportunity to march siting shortage of policing personnel and this was on 18th of August after 2 pm when the peaceful march was earmarked for the 19th of august. I then engaged a Zimbabwe Lawyers for human Rights to apply for an urgent application for us to peacefully march and hand over the petition.

I started activism in 2003 after realizing stigma and discrimination that was very prevalent in African communities. Some people were more important than others and I felt challenged to fight and respond to those challenges as they faced different individuals across the country. In one of my outreaches I involuntarily disclosed my status to my relatives during a session. After informing them I was going through a lot of stigma and discrimination from relatives ironically the relatives were there at a well-baby clinic. They were among those who were taken by this discussion seriously and they changed their behaviour.

As a person, I believe that people must live a normal and equal life free from harassment and enjoy their God given rights. Every person is as important is the other person. No one is more important than the other.

We work with people living with HIV, the disabled, orphans and vulnerable children and the aged. Our target group faces a lot of challenges when it comes to realization of their human rights as enshrined in our constitution. We are into gender championing most importantly representing the voiceless.

At home there is no work for boys or girls, both males and females can do any work at home. For example on Sundays I make sure I wake up early to put on fire so that I boil water for everyone before going to Sunday service. I make sure food is served to everyone by myself including washing my children’s hands. Cleaning the house and yard as well as washing clothe are now part of my daily routine.

I am not shy to wash clothes and put them on a washing line. I have influenced other people in my neighbourhood who now can put babies on their backs, males to be precise, while their wives follow. There is no longer work designated for females or males only. Anyone can do any work regardless of their position in the office or at work. Though we have job descriptions but we now have any other work being done by anyone in the organization.