Zimbabwe: Frieda Nekulu Nambuli

Date: July 20, 2018
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Frieda Nekulu Nambuli

I am the director of Children Life Change centre which is a welfare organization for orphans and vulnerable children. It assists the children with their educational support, feeding scheme and accommodation and transports them to schools. It is registered with the ministry of Health and social works.

At the centre we teach the children how to read and write. Feeding the children 3 times per day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner, the centre is also a day car. The afternoon school programme is when we help children with their assignments and homework as well as prepare them for tests or exams. We also assist in locating school children and putting them in schools if they do not have placements.

As part of our mission as the centre is includes ensuring proper education for children is received. We also uplift the standard of living for orphans and vulnerable children whilst we improve/ promote the involvement and responsibility of community members towards vulnerable children in the country.

We do not have much funding but currently the Hatutungu foundation contributed to building a wall at the orphanage so that the children are safer. We previously had a fence around the property and was not ideal as it risked the safety of the children and of the property. We are planning to use various media outlets to advertise our center. The mere existence of the center will inevitably attract orphans and vulnerable children as subsequently sponsorship to keep the organisation running.