Zimbabwe: Future Titora

Date: August 30, 2019
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I come from a humble beginning as a youth. In this era it was not easy for a young girl to participate in the political sphere hence was in the opposition party. As a participating member, I took it upon myself that I wanted to be a leader, who wanted to transform the view of women. I competed against five men to be a councilor in the primary elections and the people chose me against all the men. I strongly believe in the emancipation of women such that they are able to stand strong and brave believing in themselves that they can conquer anything.

My objectives includes to promote gender equality, promote independence to promote gender awareness, to promote youth and gender friendly policies and to cascade gender and climate changes. I am committed to communicating council decisions that affect the committee. I also represent community views to council meetings. I also respond to community queries and investigate their concern. I also lead local campaigns on behalf of the community. I also know and work with representatives of local organization, interest groups and businesses.

On challenges  gender inequality has been a dominating factor for example women are not given the same opportunity to get jobs. There is lack of accountability in addressing sexual harassment and gender stereotyping has also been a great challenge, there is a certain group that does not behave since the Mayor is a lady sometimes it is difficult to make council decisions due to her sex. There is a weak coordination among women, pull her down syndrome.

Gone are the days where we thought only men are drivers for change and success. I always had the desire to lead and make change to my life. Desire to change the community. I had the courage to stand and lead the people despite the political discrimination, gender discrimination and gender imbalance that exist within the community.

Leading a community as a woman brings strength and desire to provide change. Hence I compliment for the change that has been echoed. My husband Morris Khuni now sees me as a champion in making quality decisions as well as seeing me as someone who he can strongly rely on.

Championing gender equality has provided me with the opportunity to exercise gender equality within my family even girls can make their own decisions without interference, women are now involved in family decisions also allowed to talk and lead in family policies.

Significant change has been the worm in my cycle. I am noticing women which are political leaders from my community who are championing leadership. More and more women are involved in economic and political sphere. Denhere and Classerah Mhuka are a single woman who owns her own houses. I have noted that in my ward chairperson of the party Sarah Moyo, despite all odds women are taking the center stage in decision making.

Due to male domination before the policy change at the organization we noted that the Mayor and deputy were occupied by male council. However in 2018 the Mayor post has been held by a female Angeline Kasipo and also 6 women Councilors.

In 2015 the government work on cascading and strengthen centers of excellent on gender mainstreaming and championing gender equality in local government. This resulted in local council implementing gender action plans that were targeting integration of policy and communicate action plans in gender mainstreaming and equality.

The need to implement these policies with local government proved successfully hence it was cascaded and witnessed by the minister of local government who echoed the following words “gender equality now and post 2015, yes we must1! Now that African Union has declared 2015 s a year for women empowerment and development. This is the roadmap.” Saviour Kasukuwere

I am currently assisting community in review their strengths and weakness against potential, community on familiarizing activities such as owning selling markets. I am also facilitating women workshop with women organization that are aimed at empowering women. Enabled a platform that allow women to air grievance through women social groups

I was able to know what gender awareness is and how to deal with gender issues e.g gender discrimination in community. I have also learnt how to take action to promote gender equality and how to promote integration of gender issues in organization. Women can also work as a man providing skills as men.

For next steps I want to focus on the expansion of focus groups that look at gender issues and bringing more workshops that are aimed at empowering women and strengthening community engagement through routine meetings and community training programmes. I also want to support the expansion of vegetable markets establishment in wards.