Zimbabwe: Michael Gore

Date: July 13, 2018
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Michael Gore

“Cllr Gore has shown us that working with all classes of people does not need education”. (ZebronMakoni Males Community Member)

I, Michael Gore, am the Kadoma City Health committee chairperson, a member of Works committee and Gender committee. I started supporting gender activities in 2011. I got involved when I was doing gender budgeting at our council and that was the time when Gender Links visited Kadoma city council supporting gender budgeting. I supported more women to be on the forefront in different projects and encourage the promotion of the 50/50 campaign workplaces, at homes and our community at large.

The objectives of my work mostly centre on improving the quality of life in Kadoma for its residents and specifically in ward 2. I facilitate clean environment projects, health and safety in construction of houses, promotion for local action on Climate Change and the prevention of gender based violence.

Previously in ward 2 which I am the councillor of, reported cases of violence between men and women were high due to economic hardships but now it is now better. Most people are now living peacefully in their homes for I urged them to focus more on issues that bring food at home than blaming each other on who is wrong. Hence gender based violence cases seem to be regressing.

Previously, men in my ward had a barbaric attitude when they go to boreholes, they wouldn’t mind whether there was a line or not but would use their masculine advantage to pave their way to the front. Hence through my programmes of curbing gender based violence, there is now dialogue communication in terms of approach. This assists in having a fair and equal opportunity on chances to fetch water at boreholes

Women and people with disabilities (PWD) are receiving fair chances on offered jobs in my ward e.g. sewer blockages cases, everyone is called out for participation. When there is a need for ward resident representation for anything, anyone can be chosen regardless of disability and gender.

More women were employed at the council unlike previously more men were employed. For example we now have women in the firefighting department which in the past was unheard of. The council is working in line with gender policies that require equal opportunities for employment. In this case, it means council by laws had to be amended so as to in-cooperate the issue of equal opportunities employment. People with disability are now employed as disability does not imply inability. People in my ward, despite of their political affiliation, now live and interact freely and fairly.

Championing gender has made a huge difference in my life and how I apply my work. I have adopted the concept of equal representation of males and females at all levels so as to provide equal chances in participation of citizenry. I can also now listen, attend and relate to both sides of gender. I approach women as they are equal human beings as men. Speaking on behalf of the vulnerable has become a pleasure to me as I continuously understand better their needs and concerns. My fellow workmates have helped me develop my working skills and indeed from them I have become a better leader and human being.

My future plans include championing forth projects that seek to improve the sanitation of the community, to improve communication on matters relating to HIV and AIDS, and more so to improve the lives of the disabled people.