Zimbabwe: Ryan Zibani

Zimbabwe: Ryan Zibani

Date: May 20, 2021
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’’Leadership means serving everyone despite of our various differences. A leader is for all’’

Name Ryan
Surname Zibani
Sex male
Name of Organisation Manyame Rural district council
Designation Junior chairperson/ junior counsellor
Country zimbabwe
Province Mashonaland-East
City/ Town/ Village Seke [marufu village]



e.g. 00 27 82 665 1742

00 263 772 899 738
Age Group (please tick) Younger than 18 18-25ox 26-40 41-50 51-60 60 +
Education level Primary School Secondary School ox Tertiary Vocational Adult literacy
First met GL Year 2020 Event During an online discussion (1) on 19 july which was on Child Sexual Abuse and (2) which was on Child Responsibility.
Encounters with GL since first meeting After the last meetings we had in 2020 we then met again during another online discussions which are still taking place now in this year 2021.
Phone number 00 263 772 899 738
Email address  
Extent of change  
Are you living with a disability ¨ No






If yes specify type of disability Physical
 Sensory (sight, hearing, taste, speech, smell)

Ryan is a Junior Chairperson for Manyame RDC. Ryan says he only encountered with GL on the virtual engagements that were held by NJCA with the support of GL. He is happy for these sessions helped him a lot to be the better person he is today. Despite his Junior Council being dormant Ryan still sees better and improved future JCs of Manyame RDC with full support from the Senior Council.

     ‘Though we never had a chance to meet up with GL physically I can still testify on the experience I gained through the virtual meetings we had. Though our council has been dormant we still learnt a lot through the online meetings and sharing the knowledge with the community did help a number of young people especially looking at the case of Child Responsibility and child abuses during this covid-19 era and lock downs. But we do wish to be engaged in physical meetings with GL.’

   “However, as a junior councillor in the rural area it seems hard to help out in most cases having knowledge you accumulated during online discussions. Like here we have situations of sexual exploitation and drug abuse and students dropping out school due to drugs or eloping. So having the physical meetings and campaigns might help reduce these issues.’

With the experience and knowledge we gain from the discussion we did manage to create strategic plans to help out in lobbying for safe environments for those young people, such as opening up an Arts program for young people with support from the community.

Ryan did not have much to say but confirmed that the online dialogues have changed a lot about him and how he has also taking the lessons and information to educate his community. All he dreams of is for more exposure to his rural community and interaction with others and also for Gender Links to bring direct support including physical trainings and capacity building programs for few can access online dialogues thereby making little impact.