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Mauritius: Priscilla Bignoux

Mauritius: Priscilla Bignoux

“You are not only the messenger. You are the message.” Bignoux explained how she had previously been a victim of violence. Today, after rigorous work with her partner, she has […]

Anishta Seesurrun – ‘’Be you for you and always with a smile’’

Anishta Seesurrun – ‘’Be you for you and always with a smile’’

This is the motto of Anishta, 33 years old which she elaborates that this quote is about working on yourself for you to become a role model and a source […]

October 7, 2019 Themes: Disability Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Francesca Ramdeal – Mauritius

I first met with Gender Links when I attended the entrepreneurship programme and I remember well the first day I went on the course. I was going through a major depression. My depression comes in sequels and that day I went to class empty-headed knowing clearly that I would not be able to assimilate anything. But as Anushka started to explain, I started to feel as though everything was beginning to feel right. It felt as if the clouds of doubt were starting to move away and allowing me to see clearly. I started to feel interested and I started paying more attention to what she was saying. I truly felt a wave of change coming my way.

October 1, 2019 Themes: Gender based violence Programs: Entrepreneurship

Ketty Perichon – Mauritus

I have not yet started my business, but I have it in mind and intend to start it very soon. I am in fact studying and taking courses in child care. As I plan to open a kids’ club once I have finished studying, I know that I will start my business with a solid foundation. Before undertaking the Gender Links courses, I used to work in a hotel. I was appointed as a hostess in the restaurant and then became a hostess at the mini club and finally supervisor at the same club. I worked everywhere, and was not afraid to take up any job. In 2012, I was fired by the hotel management. In fact it motivated me to pursue the career I had always wanted. I have worked with children and love to be with them.

September 7, 2019 Themes: GBV | Gender based violence Programs: Entrepreneurship

Namibia: Riaan Siyama

Name Riaan Surname Siyama Country Namibia Give a short history of the leader I am a graduate from the University of Namibia from the department of Lifelong Learning and Community […]

August 8, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work

Namibia: Seth Phillips

Name Seth Surname Phillips Country Namibia Give a short history of the leader I was born on the 12th of March 1982 in Fransfontein a Village situated North of Khorixas […]

August 6, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work

Mauritius: Nicolas Ritter

Name Nicolas Surname Ritter Country Mauritius Give a short history of the leader Nicolas, a man of art who has an immense love for theatre, musicals and films, has initiated […]

June 24, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work

South Africa: Rose Thamae

An organization established by Rose Thamae Activist through based on her organizational work background she experience, she became a leader to empower and educate people around the community. The Let […]


“Women have a great role to play in the community” RAVALORIAKA Robert Eva Monique is the mayor of the urban council of Manjakandriana, part of the COE process since 2010. […]

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza recalls the day she met her ward councillor and how she was introduced to Gender Links (GL). This took place at a time when she least expected any help from anyone with regard to her experience of gender based violence (GBV). Prior to the introductions, the council held a meeting with the identified survivors of GBV. The idea was to know more about the women’s experiences of GBV before referring them to GL.

Arrianne Sarah – Mauritius

Arrianne Sarah – Mauritius

I am a handicapped woman and the mother of two children. I suffered from a partial body paralysis after the birth of my daughter 13 years ago and with time my condition deteriorated and I became completely bed ridden. Before the birth of my daughter I used to work in a hotel and helped my family, but after my illness I lost the job. I lost everything. I accepted loneliness as part of my fate. I truly ended up believing that there was no future for handicapped people. However, my good friend Priscilla Bignoux stood by me. She helped me to start going out and mingling with people again. It was only then that I started to see the bright side of life. I started smiling once again.

July 22, 2016 Themes: Disability | Economics Programs: Entrepreneurship

Nyaradzo Masamba – Zimbabwe

Nyaradzo Masamba – Zimbabwe

Masamba joined GL in July 2014 after being introduced by Zvimba Rural District Council. She enrolled in the entrepreneurship training and was equipped with relevant business skills. The training taught her about all forms of GBV and how to fight domestic violence. Before the training she was thinking that she should focus on just forgetting her past experience of GBV. Later on she discovered that the only way to bury the past and continue with life is through occupying your mind with productive things.