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Lesotho: Masilo Malekula

Name Malekula Surname Masilo Country Lesotho Give a short history of the leader During my first term of being a councilor,Gender Links facilitated me on gender equality and told me […]

February 19, 2020 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work

Anishta Seesurrun – ‘’Be you for you and always with a smile’’

Anishta Seesurrun – ‘’Be you for you and always with a smile’’

This is the motto of Anishta, 33 years old which she elaborates that this quote is about working on yourself for you to become a role model and a source […]

October 7, 2019 Themes: Disability Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Veronique Celestin – Mauritius

Veronique Celestin – Mauritius

One of the most memorable experiences that I have had with Gender Links was our first meeting where all of the survivors told their own stories and I told my story to others who were just like me. We all learned that we are not alone and that other people understand us. I felt free and all of us cried. It was a defining moment for me.

October 2, 2019 Themes: Entrepreneurship Programs: Gender Justice

Dorine Volafite – Mauritius

Elle a quitté l’école en seconde puis s’est mariée Á  14 ans Á  un homme abusif et violent qui la battait. Elle a eu par la suite trois enfants. Tous ses enfants ont très bien réussi et travaillent (dont deux au Canada). Elle a cinq petits-enfants et est maintenant divorcée. Elle travaille le matin dans une boutique où elle vend des snacks et des boissons et l’après-midi elle se déplace sur toute l’île afin de donner des cours de natation Á  des personnes en difficulté. Son activité lui permet de favoriser et de plaider en faveur d’une activité physique régulière et donc en faveur du bien-être et de la santé.

October 2, 2019 Themes: Employment | Entrepreneurship | Gender based violence Programs: Entrepreneurship

eSwatini: Sibongile Nhlabatsi

Name Sibongile Surname Nhlabatsi Country Swaziland Give a short history of the leader I started as a caregiver in 2008 for Mangwaneni community cooking for beneficiaries and in 2017 I […]

September 9, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work

Hawah Williams Makwinja

Name Hawah Williams Surname Makwinja Country Malawi Give a short history of the leader I am a woman aged 37. My mother died while giving birth to me. At the […]

July 21, 2019 Themes: Gender based violence Programs: Protocol @ work

Botswana: Kesegofetse Keitumetse

Name Kesegofetse Surname Keitumetse Country Botswana Give a short history of the leader Iam a gender focal person, crime prevention coordinator, a counsellor, motivational speaker and mentor. i am in […]

June 10, 2019 Themes: GBV Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Zimbabwe: Warren Ndava

” From a father to a women’s Savings Club Organizer” I am a ward councillor in Zvimba Rural District. I engage much in poverty eradication around my community. I am […]

July 17, 2018 Themes: Agriculture | Drivers of Change | Gender equality Programs: Protocol @ work



Tamos a levar acabo as seguintes tarefas: Formadas 26 mulheres em cursos  técnico  profissionais  nas áreas de canalização, electridade básica, pedreiro, ladrilheiro, serrelharia civil e informática;​ Eleita uma Secretaria do Bairro Alto Macassa.​ Envolvidas mulheres […]

August 7, 2017 Themes: Politics Programs: Gender & Governance

Makananelo Rapuleng – Lesotho

Makananelo Rapuleng – Lesotho

My name is Makananelo Rapuleng from Qacha’s Nek, one of the mountainous districts of Lesotho. It is very small but has scattered rural villages and the rate of gender based violence (GBV) is very high and most of the cases in the villages are not reported because women are so dependent on men and they cannot imagine how life would be without their men. The very frustrating thing about the district is that most people, if not the majority of them, are illiterate and they are very keen on culture and therefore it is very difficult for them to adapt to new things.

August 19, 2016 Themes: Economics | Gender based violence Programs: Entrepreneurship

RAZANAMADY Razafindramora Claire – Madagascar

RAZANAMADY Razafindramora Claire – Madagascar

Claire raised her six children alone after she had been a victim of intimate partner violence for years. After she worked with Gender Links (GL), her life really changed. She gained theoretical knowledge and practical experience she had never thought she would ever have. The concept of gender is one of the things she learnt. Previously, she believed that when we talk about gender we refer to women, while gender is ultimately a concept related to the social construction, women are perceived as weak and passive and are associated with the domestic and private world, while men are seen as strong and enterprising in the public world.

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza recalls the day she met her ward councillor and how she was introduced to Gender Links (GL). This took place at a time when she least expected any help from anyone with regard to her experience of gender based violence (GBV). Prior to the introductions, the council held a meeting with the identified survivors of GBV. The idea was to know more about the women’s experiences of GBV before referring them to GL.