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Resta Dzvinyangoma: Life after overcoming painful situations

Alderman Resta Dzvinyangoma is the first-born daughter in a family of three girls and two boys. She was deprived of the right to finish her secondary school education by her […]

Arvin Boolell – ‘We grow prejudice’

Arvin Boolell – ‘We grow prejudice’

Dr. Arvind Boolell firmly believes that in the spirit of transparency all political parties must relook into their Constitution and make sure that it is implemented. Seasoned and experienced politician […]

October 7, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Gender Justice

Ambal Jeanne: Building a safer and non-violent community

Ambal Jeanne: Building a safer and non-violent community

Ambal Jeanne, since her younger days, has been out there on the streets fighting for the rights of students and of women. Driven by the idealistic desire to bring a […]

October 7, 2019 Themes: Gender equality Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Hammy Madzingira

I joined the council in 2013 as one of the youngest local government leaders during that time. I was inspired to join the local government sector be the need to […]

Botswana: Kesegofetse Keitumetse

Name Kesegofetse Surname Keitumetse Country Botswana Give a short history of the leader Iam a gender focal person, crime prevention coordinator, a counsellor, motivational speaker and mentor. i am in […]

June 10, 2019 Themes: GBV Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Botswana: Layani Elias

Quality Education for boys and girls Mr. Elias is a broadcast journalist by profession and the founder and project director of The Broadcasters Organization, a youth organisation that empowers young […]

July 23, 2018 Themes: Education Programs: Protocol @ work

Sambalis Elisabeth – Madagascar

Pendant la période pré-électorale, les bruits ont couru à travers la commune de Maintirano qu’aucune femme ne sera admise à la tête de la commune. Ceci pour intimider les femmes […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Governance | Local Government | Politics Programs: Gender & Governance

RATSIMBAZAFY Lala Dervaele – Madagascar

Essayons de faire la différence Ratsimbazafy Lala Dervaele est une des bénéficiaires de la formation sur le renforcement des capacités des femmes candidates maires et conseillères menée par Gender Links […]

August 19, 2016 Themes: Gender equality | Governance | Local Government Programs: Gender & Governance

Roline Amunjera – Namibia

Roline Amunjera – Namibia

Roline tells us that she encountered Gender Links for the first time in 2012 when Gender Links country manager Sarry Xoagus visited Tses Village Council and held a workshop and briefed them about Gender Links. Asked what it was like working with Gender Links, she said that it has been amazing experience. She adds that it has been encouraging and motivational for her as a young woman in the organisation and that Gender Links has contributed to the council’s knowledge regarding gender related issues and the council is now “walking the talk of gender equalityÀ.

November 4, 2015 Programs: Gender & Governance

Elise Shikongo – Eenhana COE

Elise Shikongo – Eenhana COE

Elise’s first encounter with Gender Links was in 2013 when Eenhana Town Council joined other local authorities and became a Centre of Excellence through a council resolution. This came about after council was identified as one of the Centres of Excellence, hence she realised that her council would be part of the country wide implementation of the SADC Gender Protocol to help achieve the goals identified. Gender Links briefed Eenhana Town Council on gender mainstreaming and during September the council conducted stages 1-5 through consultative meetings with various stakeholders thereby developing a Gender Action Plan.

October 29, 2015 Themes: Gender equality | Local Government Programs: Gender & Governance

Sithabisiwe Takawira – Beitbridge Municipality

A good leader is a leader with people’s well-being at heart, who puts the interests of others before his or hers; one who would go an extra mile to help others.
Last year I joined Mrs Mapaya, the child care worker, during visits to underprivileged children. We visited the Mashate family where we found a single mother of four children. She narrated how she ended up being a single parent citing how her husband left her for a younger woman, leaving her stranded in their rural home with no means to fend for her children.

October 12, 2015 Themes: Local Government Programs: Gender & Governance

Michael Gore – Zimbabwe

In Ward 2, where I am the councillor, there is a section of single quarters which sadly accommodates an average of six people in a single room i.e. mother, father and four children. This set up has always made it very difficult for parents in these houses to have any privacy. Mothers and fathers cannot be intimate freely as their children are in the same room. This has led to some men beating up their wives for withholding conjugal rights. I had to stop a man in my ward from beating his wife in the middle of the night and posed a question to the rest of the men as to how they would react if their sisters were being abused. Hence I advised all the men present to go back home and make a difference and stop gender based violence (GBV) in homes, workplaces and in their community.

September 28, 2015 Themes: Gender based violence