Gafaone Ntwaetsile

Gafaone Ntwaetsile

Date: April 5, 2016
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Before I attended the training I had low self-esteem as I was in the middle of emotional abuse, I was unable to stand my ground and say how I really felt, I could not even make any decision for myself. Gender Links improved my well-being with the lectures on Gender Abuse which in 2013, were followed by training in business which were really important to me. Because of a tender I was working on I was unable to attend certain workshops. Dividing the groups by the regions to me is not effective as we need to be one large group belonging to Gender Links.

The training I got from Gender Links has assisted me to start up a restaurant, rent out tents this was beneficial as I was able to buy a company car and also a residential plot. I pay rent at the premises and I do so accordingly and pay my employees generously. I am now able to support my sibling as well as my children. The challenge that I faced was getting starting up capital but I was fortunate enough to get Gender Affairs to sponsor me. I am where I am because of the help I got from Gender Links, the informative information I got about business. The council in Gantsi has not in any way assisted any of us in our prospects.

I was ignorant about abuse, after attending the seminars at Gender Links it was only now that I realised that I was emotionally, physically and even sexually abused. During this period I was committed to the church as it was the only place I found comfort. I have realised that economic empowerment reduces gender violence as it encourages independence which means you will need not to beg for anything from anyone thus reducing abuse.

The business I have started assists to reduce unemployment and empower other women as the shop has employees. I am now a role model to other women in my community who come to seek for help of all sorts from me, they have realised that even though one is not educated and has been a victim of abuse it is possible to turn their lives around. I will continue to use what I learned at the programme to help people in my community and also create employment.
My main is that my company expands and I be recognised more in society. By 2030 my vision is that I will even have a lodge. I appreciate the opportunity that Gender Links has given me and will forever cherish it, I only wish that we were given premises to work at as women which will make it easy for all of us to start businesses and not despair.