Sinah Ntenka

Sinah Ntenka

Date: April 5, 2016
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In 2013 I started the training in Gender Links and I have attended all the workshops they have conducted in our area. I learned a lot about abuse and hearing other women’s experiences was an eye opener on how real gender based abuse is real and happened to everyone regardless of background, status or anything.

The training made me realise how abuse is in many ways and it was only then I realised that indeed I too was a victim. Although we were lectured too it took us time to understand as the facilitators where not local so could not refer back to them if u wanted clarification. It was a challenge that the training was held in a small time frame which also made it difficult for me grasp the information immediately. Whenever I did not understand I went to clarify with the other women at their homes so they explain to me further.

I am currently a member of a support group in my area that provides with counselling services, Gender Links on the other hand has taught me to venture for myself and come with new and innovative ways to improve my lifestyle. I have not been assisted by any organisation to date.

I was abused my partner and I managed to escape abuse the day I decided to walk out on him, my children and I are now living peacefully with no one to threaten us. I now have total control over the money that I make, spend it wisely and I am able to save how I see it fit. I am now financially stable and independent; I do not need or ask for financing from anyone. I am now able to advice people in the community of the places they may get help from that may assist wholeheartedly. I learned that when running a business one needs to be friendly to the customers and also the employees as these are the most important people in any kind of business setup. I will adopt all these skills in my business and by the year 2030 my business will be successful and well round respected in the nation.