Matshediso Dithotse

Matshediso Dithotse

Date: April 5, 2016
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Then biggest lesson I got from this experience is that life can change for the better no matter how it was at any point. I learned that even if you live in violence you can always do business and it is up to one to choose if they are willing to put themselves through abuse.

I started training in 2013 and we learned how to start a business. I missed other trainings as I did not know about Gender Links until I found out from my peers who encouraged me to join. I learned how to make a business plan, ways to register a company and encouraged to teach all that we learned to the different Support groups that we are part of. We did not learn much about gender abuse training and as such it proved to be a challenge as I had little information about the topic.

I am a street vendor but I also weave baskets made out of paper and make jewellery. Where I lack knowledge I seek for assistance from other women from Gender Links so that I better my businesses. Because I venture for myself the council does not assist me but rather help people who are really in need unlike me.

I experienced a difficult upbringing as I was denied the right to education yet my sister was taken to school. I started attending workshops which encouraged practical work and I also volunteered in numerous places that gave me vast knowledge. I also encourage my family members to join certain organizations that they may be able to benefit from in future. This will help them economically and they may be independent and not rely on anyone financially limiting their chances of abuse.

People have noticed the change in my life and have often confronted me and asked me how I was able overcome violence, I tell them of all the organizations and individuals that helped make my life different. I encourage people living with abuse to join the available organizations in our area that may be able to help them overcome abuse. Upon noticing my change I am often to be a speaker by different groups so I motivate the members to turn their lives around.

I learned business in general from the seminars and to have self-worth. I learned to love my community members and help those in need whole heartedly also to cooperate with my people doing the same business as mine. I plan to seek for funding from CEDA, government etc. so I may expand my business and employ Batswana. In ending I will like to say that violence will never end unless we train our children from an early age the dangers of abuse.