Amogelang Sekgere

Amogelang Sekgere

Date: April 5, 2016
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I am a lady of 23 years; I started the training course with gender links on the year 2014 at Goodhope. As a woman who had experienced abuse in her life this was a welcome change in my life. I got to be around women of all ages who had experienced abuse.

The first thing that we were doing by then was sharing of experiences and ideas. This training had 3 phases of which the first one talked about the types of abuse like physical abuse. The second phase talked about ways of overcoming or avoiding abuse as women are the ones who are abused most. The third phase we were taught to have high self-esteem, confidence and to start our own businesses so we can avoid being dependent on men. We were well taught how to construct a business plan, a market research and how to use money on a business. On the last phase they had called some organizations that can help us with finance and during that I was able to get first hand information for example I was told that a business is supposed to have a registered trading license and the rest of the information was beneficial.

I had an interest in opening a hair salon business looking at the condition that I could to it by myself because I has knowledge in hair dressing. I asked for help from the council at the office of poverty eradication. I have managed to get in contact with the youth of Development Fund and they are continuing to help me.

This training has helped me so much because I managed to realize that I lived in violence but after that training I was able to stand for myself. In my community I was able to notice that they were some other women who were been abused and found it better to consult them and share with them the knowledge I got from gender links training. Today a lot of people in my community admire us as we have been able to change our lives. In 2030 I want to see myself as a role model to other women and children across the country having many businesses. I also want to see my hair dressing career going to greater heights.