Pelotheni Baitsile

Pelotheni Baitsile

Date: April 11, 2016
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The programme taught me what a business is, how a business should be conducted, ways to manage cash flow and the importance of saving money. I learned how to use a computer because I had never encountered one and did not know how it functions. I can now use it and understand a few programmes in a computer.

I started the programme in 2014 and so far I have attended all the seminars that have been conducted in my area. The main challenge that I encountered was lack of start-up capital but I realised I can go to Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency and apply for loans that I may later return.

I was unemployed and did not have any sort of income, Gender Links opened up my mind to the ideas of business start-up which may assist me to sustain myself and regain dignity due to self-independence. I am currently working on my business and have not had any assistance, I approached the council but it was of no assistance.

I experienced abuse from my late husband, since he passed on there is peace and cooperation in the household. My children and his relatives we all get along better, there is serenity in the family. Gender Links has shown me the light, taught me to be a better person. People can see the difference in my life and often ask me how I did, I tell them it is because of Gender Links and their rehabilitation programmes.

I have made it my mission to share all that learned with the community and my family. Lessons on market gap and market research will be vital to my business. I will ensure I advertise it sufficiently so it may grow rapidly so I may also help other people eradicate poverty. Business is simple as long as one has patience, love, humility and have charisma.