Swaziland: Joyce Khumalo

Swaziland: Joyce Khumalo

Date: April 18, 2016
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I am known as an established business woman who owns a market stall at Siteki town. I am a widow  who is raising her two children single hand. I appreciated the involvement of the gender based violence survivors with empowerment on economic issues and life skills. I appreciate the training because it opened my  eyes on gender based violence issues. At first i thought that buse should only appear on the outside, like physically. The other types of abuse never mattered to me until I was trained by Gender Links. I was fighting my own demons such that before the training I was not in talking terms with my mother who abandoned since birth.

However after the training I was able to locate my mother and gave her the opportunity to relate her side of the story. I have forgave her and moved on with my life. I am  a strong believer and dedicated at bringing change in my community even though things seem not to go my way but still believe that one day change will be experienced.

Attending the training has enlightened me with business skills and improved me personally. I used to believe that only man can do business but now I know that even women can venture into business. I have learnt that you cannot just start a business without market research; finding out if there is a need for the business in the area and trying to differ from your competitors to gain more customers. I have learnt the importance of keeping records and advertising. I now separate my business from my personal life, I have recently opened my business account where I save the profits I make from the busines

I joined the training in 2013 and attended all the three stages. Everything was important especially the cash flow. I have now opened a bank account for my business and started keeping records. I am still struggling to start my own business now because I do not have capital. I am a dress maker.

The town council helps organize workshops for us such as Busy-aid where we learnt that it was important to stay healthy and introduced me to the Gender Links project.

Yes,  I was abused during my childhood but has never been abused ever since and I have learnt to let go of the past hurts. I also help raise awareness of gender based violence in my community. I have learnt about the different types of abuse and where to get help if faced by such situation. I am now independent and less vulnerable than before. I relate to all kinds of people. I am currently studying Psycho- Social Support at the University of Swaziland.

I learnt the basic business skill with the help of other women. And I will follow all the necessary steps in conducting my business. I have recently opened a bank account for my business and do advertising for my product.  I have learnt that timing is crucial in the business world so I have decided to hire two helpers so I can meet deadlines.