Namibia: *Medicine

Namibia: *Medicine

Date: April 19, 2016
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My name is *Medicine I join Gender Link in 2014. Before Gender Links training I didn’t have any knowledge about business I was just doing business for sake of doing it. After training I gain some knowledge about how to run your business successfully for example I started marketing my business by providing information about my business by writing letter to my customers. I became to known Gender Link organization through the Ministry of health and social service at Oshakati hospital.

In 2014 when I started the training for entrepreneur project, I was happy to learn on how grow your business .To make your customers happy by serving them well and respect them. I really thank Gender Link for training me how to sell product and how add different product into your business in order to get profits. The facilitator for the workshop was Gender links staff member and Mr Fabian. My business now is doing fine because I have some agent who always looking customer for me. In 2014 before I started the training I had other training at the Ministry of Gender, but I didn’t get any help from council office. I am appearing  to  municipality to provide me a place where I can sell my product,for now I don’t  have a place  for selling my product ,I only sell from home. I need any financial assists so that I can get a plot, just near the road where every one is passing by and expand my business further.

After training my life has change  for better, I attend all Gender Link workshop I didn’t  miss any ,I thank god for protecting me until I complete my training and I also thank Gender Link facilitator for good work to continue  with entrepreneur workshop  so that I gain more knowledge. Now I am no more suffering as before because I have my own business I can help my self. This training help me on abuse that I was experiencing in the past, gender base violence has been reduce in my house unlike in the past. In the village people started asking me how I joined this training. People were like shock to see how I am running my business for example making a book keeping for my business. I really thank Gender links facilitators because I am luck one to receive this types of training. Now that I have been trained on how to run a business, my business is growing unlike in past. Through this training I learn a lot for example how to attract more customers.

In the future I want to depend on my self and to recruit four workers so that I can make more money. On vision 2030 I want to become successfully business women and develop my area. I also want my own house and to drive my own car.