Madagascar: Ranaivosonina Verosoa Patricia

Madagascar: Ranaivosonina Verosoa Patricia

Date: April 26, 2016
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This is the first time I have the opportunity to talk about what I have suffered. I have told my former friend and my husband, but talking to either of them could not heal my heartbreak except Gender Links, for which I thank God; and I still pray God that some woman will meet Gender Links in the same way as me. It is a great pleasure for me to be with Gender Links and to convince other women who are still suffering from domestic violence.

It was in June 2014 when I started with the Gender Links training were we were taught that women can do what men do; this is not about physical differences but indeed there is no job that is particularly for men and women. I really suffered from gender violence in the past as either from my husband or the neighbors and even my family avoided me, gossiped about me, scorned me; when the household was running out of something, I would knock at the door of the neighbors to borrow rice or money.

The Lord said: “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase. » (Job 8: 7)World English Bible. I bought two chickens. When we were given our travel allowance by the facilitator for the following training I bought some again, and I went on doing that in all the phases.

I did not find it so hard to choose a business I wanted to do a business plan for because I have always wanted to own a kindergarten in Manjakandriana; but that was beyond my means as it requires a lot of money immediately; so I decided to do a farm free-range chickens. I did that before but it was only a matter of letting the chickens out in the morning and getting them in at the end of the day; but now they are cared for, monitored and vaccinated. And it is quite successful!

I no longer have to borrow money now as I can manage on my own; to prove it, I have money at the BOA bank. Mrs. Eva assistant each of the participants to open a bank account. The day after opening the bank account I went to deposit the money in my account.

I was selected as one of the two participants who were representing my country in Botswana for the Gender Links SADC Regional summit. And with the travel Allowance I got from the trip I used to buy a male chickens, two Pomeranian chickens and two pigs and now I already have 7 chickens, another chicken that is laying eggs to hatch.

Unfortunately, all the newly-hatched chicks died in July. But I have decided to concentrate more on the ducks and pigs farming at the moment, because they can sell very quickly.

There are even people who have never spoken to me who want to talk now! Well, the Lord says “Love your enemies” so if they need help, I do help them, not with money but with advice. I realize that the Gender Links training has taught me so much and I will share what I have learnt with other women who are going through gender based violence in their lives as well. One needs to understand their personality and the best business that will be suitable for them and their personality. We should not waste time gossiping, which may end up in quarrels and does not bring in any money in our lives.

Well! Long live to Gender Links and the whole team since you and the instructors champion this action and especially Mrs. Ialfine. God bless us all!