Mauritius I Story : Amita Acharaz

Mauritius I Story : Amita Acharaz

Date: March 31, 2016
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I got a phone call from Gender Links in 2013. They invited me to the entrepreneurship training. I attended all three phases. I felt satisfied because this training was life changing. Having only a certificate of primary education (CPE), today I am a shop owner, a Hindi teacher, I sew clothes for my clients, I have my driving leaner and I am following a computer course offered by CARITAS. Since the past five years, I am the owner of a General Retail shop in Beau Bassin. This training has open path to success in my business. I learnt how to operate a business, how to keep financial records and most importantly how to buy stocks without doing wastages. And today, I can keep stocks according to my customer’s demand. I feel satisfy and proud of myself. The training was very inspiring.

Prior to this training, I did not have time for myself and could not go out to visit family and friends. I was overloaded with work in the shop and could not do a proper planning. I was neglecting myself, my house and my children. And this training at Gender links has given me lots of opportunities and taught me various ways to plan my work. Today I feel relieved, I have time for myself, to organize my kitchen, take care of my children and also occupy my shop. The training has helped me enormously to be where I am. I received new ideas to organize my life. I became independent and I can take decisions on my own.

Today, I can proudly say that I am a multi-tasked women. I am a Hindi teacher. I did higher studies in Hindi and I assist children with difficulties in this subject. I also sew school uniforms and I have my clients. My husband was a tailor. I learn by watching him stitch clothes. He used to work in a factory and he now retired. He then fell ill and was admitted to the mental hospital. That phase of life was really difficult. I had to take a job in the factory because I had to raise my children. My husband was not violent but he made his own rules and I had to abide to his rules. My In-laws did not support me. They wanted to control me and I had to obey them.

I now have a happy life. Because of the training at Gender Links, I can fight for my rights and stand on my own. With the support and assistance of Beau-Bassin Community Center, I follow training and got my driving leaner. I soon intend to have my driving license. Initially I had the thought that I am illiterate and I would not be able to have a driving license. But I did not give up and made this thought my strength. The friends I met at Gender Links gave me courage and the belief that I can. And I am proud I did it. My family has always supported me and my sons

are my biggest strength. They have always stood by my side. My husband has changed his mindset, he now supports me. I feel fulfilled and satisfied. My life was not easy but I learnt to appreciate myself.