Botswana:Anayang Motlaleselelo

Botswana:Anayang Motlaleselelo

Date: April 11, 2016
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I am a young lady aged 33, I am thankful for the lessons I got from Gender Links especially the ones about business. I realized that to venture in to business you need to follow a lot of guidelines e.g. how to make a business plan, how to run a business, cash flow and also advertising. These interested me most as it gives people the wisdom and urge to venture for themselves.

I was introduced to Gender Links in 2013 where I attended the first two seminars, I was unable to attend the recent one due to health reasons. I learned how to use a computer and that the internet is readily available to assist in advertising as it reaches even beyond my area to the nation at large. Advantage of the internet is that you may work on your business in the comfort of your own home. All the lectures were important and if taken seriously they will assist one to reach their business goals easier. Gladly for my inquisitive nature I did not have any challenges because where I did not understand I asked for clarification immediately.

Nothing much has changed in my life, just that I have gained useful knowledge on tactics I may use to improve my lifestyle but I haven’t started anything of yet. I am yet to open a preschool and have asked for assistance from the council, they asked for us to register which I did and I am awaiting response. In the meantime I asked for tents to hire out but I have not been responded yet.

The abuse i experience is from my partner’s family which started in 2008 when we met, it deteriorated a few years ago but now it seems to have grown. My partner I now believe is part of it too as he does nothing to defend my honour when his family attacks me, this has caused me to give up on him and I am now getting fed up with the ill treatment. I no longer understand what kind of man he is and what is going on in his head. I have accepted my living conditions which helps me get by, my relatives are very supportive of me getting the necessary knowledge from GL and try help me in ways possible. I believe that if I was independent financially I will not be in this situation.

To map the way forward I have decided to seek start-up capital from governmental and non-organizational companies. I have learned that in life we are not supposed to think of ourselves as any less and not to ever think about giving up. Business knowledge is a skill on its own that needs to be nurtured, the business guidelines need to be followed accordingly in order to have a successful business. I want to open up my own preschool and also rent out tents as they have more profits that will help sustain myself and my children. By 2030 I hope to have fruitful preschools in various places. I will like to thank GL as they opened up my mind, I am now able to make decisions that affect my well-being, my capabilities and how I may progress.