Andronicca Manabile

Andronicca Manabile

Date: April 6, 2016
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I remember the first day when I started attending these workshops, People were talking about their lives and how they are being victimized. I also managed to talk about my problems without any fear and write about my experiences during I story workshop. I have also learned that in life we all experience problems even though they are not the same. These workshops have also taught me that if you have problems you must share them with other people because they might be able assist you in finding solutions for those problems. I have learned not to allow problems to defeat me.

I started being part of this organisation in September 2013 and I have attended all the sessions. The session I liked the most was the one where we were taught about how to market our businesses. They have also taught us how to position our business in a place that will attract customers and checking our target market. I have also learned that a woman must be independent and not rely on her partner. The most challenging things was starting a business, I did not understand what a business plan was but today I am proud to say that I understand everything about planning ahead for your business.

When I started attending these sessions I was not working. I am now working in a community work programme and on the other side I have my own business. Yes, the guidance that I got from these workshops made me to stand up and look for a job. I am who I am today because of the guidance I received in these workshops. The council has helped me a lot for example; I can now talk to people and give them advice. They have also taught me to be independent because there is a lot I can achieve by myself.

Yes, before I was being victimised and I kept quiet about the whole thing because I was scared that people will judge my partner. Now things have changed because I can voice out my opinion and not be influenced to do things that I do not want to do. The main thing was to know about my rights and to exercise them. I am now in a position that I can talk to my family and my partner by giving them advice if we are experiencing any problems. To go around talk about child, woman and any other person who is experiencing abuse.

I am now in a better position since I have started attending these workshops were we are taught about abuse. I have even changed other people’s lives by advising them to talk about their problems and not to allow any other person to victimise them. Yes, the community can now see a difference in our lives because we have been given a garden by the police so that it can help us to maintain our families.

To stand our ground and talk about our problems has helped us to change laws. We now know that if a woman is being victimised there should be punishment for that. To be supported at all times when we are experiencing problems. I have changed my mentality of self-pity and I am now concentrating on finding ways to make my business grow. Sitting down, planning ahead and noting down what you want to achieve.

I have learned that a person has to be independent and not rely on other people. I have also learned not to laugh at other women because I would not know what I will experience in future. By gathering women and tell them that being a women does not mean that you have to be victimised and also to warn them that if one is experiencing problems they must speak out or they will end up being killed. I am hoping for personal development in future.By working for my children and making sure that my business becomes successful. In 2030 I would love to help my fellow women, grow my business and be counted amongst successful business women. I would also love to donate money and clothes to people who are in need. I am grateful for these workshops because they opened my eyes and now I have set goals in my life. At the moment, I am planning to open a business that will sell clothes. All this is because of Gender Links; we can now address a lot of people and also talk about our experiences. I have also learned that if you are in a relationship and you not happy about the way it is going the best way is to get out of it before you experience the worse.