Anique Darga

Anique Darga

Date: March 31, 2016
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When I attended the Entrepreneurship training I felt that I got back my lost confidence. As Anushka always told me, I have the capacity to shine and indeed I can. I learned that whatever I could do, I could make money out of it. Prior to attending the course, I was a very demoralised woman. My husband always said things to make me feel bad about myself.

I attended the training in 2014 and I attended all the three courses. I even remember how I narrated my story for the first time to someone stranger.  I really appreciated the part of the training where Miss Sabrina asked us to draw the tree of our life. Thanks to that tree, I found myself. I could see my life on there. I could see the bark, the roots, the branches, and the fruits. I could fit myself perfectly in that mere drawing. It was an eye opener. Every part of the training was useful. I remember well how I always looked forward to attend the course and meet my friends.


My biggest challenge was that sometimes my partner used to discourage me. He made me feel guilty saying that I was neglecting the kids. In fact, he was scared. He had gone on the Internet and searched about GL and what it does. He learned about it and he was scared lest I become assertive after knowing my rights. He was scared that I would wear the pants from now on.


I used to work but I stopped working in the year 2006 to look after the kids. I would see myself always doing household chores. I felt that I had something greater within to achieve. The training helped me unleash that potential. My main area of expertise is embroidery. I am in textile handicrafts. I make tea sets, table covers, crochet, ribbon work. Had there been no training, there wouldn’t have been the Anique Darga I am today. The district council also has been of great help. They provide courses and I adapt the new skills acquired in order to stay up to date. In a certain way courses followed at the council allow me to innovate in my business.


I wasn’t suffering from physical violence but emotional. And it was extremely very hard. At every stop of my life prior meeting GL, my partner had an upper hand on my life, my decisions and me. He was the one to decide when I could go to the hairdresser, get a new dress or go get my nails done. He was always very abusive and always made me feel about myself. His words used to make me feel I am nothing or I have no whatsoever value.  But now, I can say that I have been able to stand up and defend my rights. I have learned that even though he is my husband, I have the right to disagree about things that do not appeal to me.  I have learned that I can take decisions.  I still face some taunts on behalf of my husband saying I have become authoritative. This is not the case as I just learned that I have rights too.


All of his words do not matter much to me because my daughters feel proud of me. They are happy to see that I can stand up and fight for my cause. If there is no empowerment, there will always be violence. If women are not aware of their rights, men will always tread upon them and have them under their feet.


Sometimes when we want to progress, it is up to us to do the effort. In my case, whenever I have tried to move, my partner held me back. I was working but he managed all my money. I made efforts but I couldn’t see any of it. But not anymore, I have vowed to myself that I will no longer bear any injustice. I would love to inspire others, share the knowledge with other women who are facing worse difficulties than me. Furthermore, I want to expand my business and have a foreign market. In 2030 I see myself going to deliver my products in my own car.