Date: March 31, 2016
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I am a 55 year old woman; I was invited for the business management seminar by the local social worker and GL. I was happy to have been invited as I had a business but lacked the basic knowledge of running it; I learned how to write a business plan and also received an award for having the best plan. It encouraged me to resurrect my business. At this point I work and have been able to register a catering company, the money I earn I try to meet my needs. I thank GL for the lessons that I got from them.

I started the programme in 2013 and have attended all the seminars in my area; the one I enjoyed the most was on Entrepreneurship. After the lessons I got I realised all the weaknesses in business that I had. I realised you can start with low capital but with the right management skills and keeping records one may be able to save money. My main challenge was lack of self-esteem due to poverty; I was able to succeed because of thirst for success to change my family’s lifestyle.

I had a business that was not doing good due to lack of knowledge, as I work now I try to save up to get the equipment necessary for my business. I got a lot of help that I am pleased with from the seminars. I took my business plan to the social workers who promised me help in the near future. The physical and health inspector has done the inspection and now I wait for my licence to be issued, I have paid for it all including the business name that was issued at Registry of Companies.

I was abused by my husband to the point that I am now handicapped, he divorced me and shortly passed away and as of that moment I know nothing of abuse from a man. With the lessons I got from GL I educated my children on abuse who are very supportive of me. The change that is visible is that my children and I are able to consult each other, accept each other and also fear God.

The community comes to me for advice because they know of the abuse that I was in and overcame it. I told my abuse story on the national radio last year; I received phone calls from my friends and relatives who heard the devastating story on the radio. They all expressed how I am a role model to them.

I am a humble person and so I answer people accordingly when they ask me about GL, I encourage them to speak out when they see signs of abuse.

I learned that my business will succeed with hard work; I will advertise my catering business to private sectors in my area, at the council I will apply for the catering tenders. I have a feeling my business will be successful. My long term goal is that by 2030 I will be helping women stuck in abusive relationships.

I may be old but life is given by God and because of that I will continue to help my community and also take my children to the schools of their dreams. I thank God for guiding the social workers who led me to GL where I received the much needed education that no one can take away from me.