Anne Marie Rebet

Anne Marie Rebet

Date: March 31, 2016
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The training at Gender Links in 2013 enabled me put my pain and suffering in words. I was not among those people who could easily relate to others their painful life experiences. I believe that one cannot share anything with anyone. I felt secure to share my feelings with the women present at the training because they were facing similar problems. The different questionnaires I was asked to complete helped me to understand myself, my situation and what I want out of life. Thus I never missed a session and was enthusiastic about the training. I felt that I needed and deserved such training.

I previously worked as a cook in a restaurant. Cooking is my passion and I loved my job though it was extremely tiring. When I learned that I have a benign tumour in my right breast, I had to stop working to take care of my health. Even if the surgery was successful and I did not completely recover from this experience. I am easily tired and have to take extra care of my health condition. I worked as a housemaid for some time. My employer was Indian. She taught me how to cook Indian dishes. This has been a very enriching experience for me although I decided to quit and open a small food business. I started to sell typical Mauritian food on my tricycle to people of my village. However I was not very motivated by this activity of mine. Sometimes I felt like working and sometimes I felt like watching television all day long.

The whole situation changed after I followed the training with Gender Links. I became highly motivated and was determined to improve my business. I did not want to benefit from any kind of financial help. Before the course I could make about Rs 145 of profit per day, now I earn a minimum of Rs 300 per week day. During weekends I may earn up to Rs 800 a day. Besides I was taught things that I did not know such as the importance of financial book keeping, good manners and overall behaviour of a strong woman. I also learned that a woman should be respected and I decided not be a victim of male domination. After I left my husband I had a boyfriend. But I was neither happy with my husband nor with my boyfriend. I thought that I was better off without a man in my life!

I now feel that I am a beloved person. I have a full social life and I get along with all kinds of people. I do not like to be judgemental about one’s situation and I believe that everyone deserves a good and fair treatment. I am very happy about the way I chiselled a brand new personality for myself. I have new dreams and new goals. I wish to learn how to drive and buy a small car. One day I wish to expand my business in terms of infrastructure and markets.

Today I am a single and proud mother and grandmother. My youngest daughter (she is blind) and her children live with me in a rented house. We are very happy and are able to sustain a living on our own. I noticed a major changed in my personality. I was an aggressive and rude woman. I am now somebody to whom people love to talk. I have a calm composure and very positive outlook on life. My dream is to live again in the house I left but of course without my husband! He told one of my grandchildren that he will soon move out of the house and have no objection that our daughter and I live there again.

Gender Links have given education I can proudly say that I am not a totally uneducated person! I am very grateful to Gender Links and I look forward to attend other trainings with this wonderful organisation.