Botswana: Badiredi Gaogadime

Botswana: Badiredi Gaogadime

Date: April 11, 2016
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In the year 2014 I joined Gender Links when I was in the midst of abuse. I attended the programme in 3stages that had different agendas; the first stage was about gender issues, the second was focused on the start-up of small to medium enterprise and the last one was business planning. There programme was very important as it taught me that there is need for monitored cash flow in every successful business. The main challenge I came across at the seminar understood the English language as the lessons were conducted in English.

I was a stay home unemployed mother but after the seminars I started brainstorming business ideas so I support myself and my family. I started a business selling vegetables as I now had the knowledge from the GL seminars on business and Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency also conducted lessons on business to us.

At this point of my life I do not live under abuse of any sort because I now have a new partner who treats me well. With the business I have I am now able to support my family and have surplus money for my own use. The GL programme has changed my life drastically, I am now able to teach the community about abuse and how they may start up their own businesses to eradicate poverty.

I learned that being a part of a denomination is helpful and can get a person to greater heights. I wish to be a GL ambassador, to go around teaching people all that I have been taught by GL about gender based abuse. My vision is that by 2030 my business will have grown, I hope to supply shops and neighbouring countries with my vegetables. I will like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the GL team that have helped improve my well being.