Botswana: Anna Mothoboge

Botswana: Anna Mothoboge

Date: April 13, 2016
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I did not know anything about business but after I started the Gender Links training program that’s when I started to understand the business world. I started attending training in 2013; I attended all the three entrepreneurship training on how to run a business.

I now that it’s important to register your company, and save up funds directed to the business. My challenge was comprehending what was taught as I am a slow learner, as I do not have any qualifications, understanding figures was also a challenge. I had a small business, baking bread but it was not doing well. After training, I realised I needed to come up with a business plan which I did and I went to the council to acquire a license for my business, I also approached social workers while waiting for the poverty eradication program. In the meantime, I also still make bread for sale within the community.

I’m no longer being abused, I live an abuse free life. Gender Links has taught me a lot, I implement it at home, this has improved my children and my relationship, I also get along well with my family at large, and I have managed to gain their respect. I realised that when you’re poverty stricken, you’re more prone to gender based violence as opposed to when you’re able to bring food forth to the table. I go around my neighbourhood, I offer them advice on how they can get help in order to improve their living situations, I tell them about Gender Links and they do go to them to seek help. I strive for my business and my entrepreneurial skills to grow.

I vow to work hard to encourage my community to start business, to do as much as possible to promote my bakery business in Bokaa and the neighbouring villages and ask for the VDC to intervene, to help me. I wish that by 2030 my business should have grown to its maximum potential.