Botswana: Gakemotho Basimolodi-Tailor

Date: August 6, 2018
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Gakemotho got into a holy matrimony with Mr B in 1988; they were happily married and close friend even when Boatweng had an affair outside the marriage leading to a child named Boy being born. Gakemotho accepted the child as her own in a quest to save her marriage to the extent that she played a motherly role living with her husband and Boy. Boy completed his primary school leaving exam and went to visit her biological mother and upon returning he did not see Gakemotho as her mother anymore. Boy insulted her and Mr B also assaulted her whenever Gakemotho requested Mr B to call Boy to order. Mr B labeled her wife as a witch and the abuse continued, her self-esteem and self worth deteriorated. After an encounter with Gender Links, Gakemotho took a bold decision of getting out of the abusive marriage.

Gakemotho started her business of dressmaking in Serowe in 2013, where she found a business niche of making school uniforms, dresses, trousers, shirts and other attires in Serowe.  The business has also expanded ever since. She started this business because she saw a gap in provision of school uniform for the need and she has the skill to do the school uniforms

Gender Links brought hope to Gakemotho; she started her dressmaking business which expanded to make school track suits and wedding attires, pillows and duvet covers thus realizing new markets. She further opened a bank account.  However, the business has not yet created employment for anyone, has not enabled her to buy small tools and big items as well expand the working space.

Gakemotho is still facing a challenge of accessing finances and infrastructure; however she is currently applying the knowledge that she acquired from Gender Links trainings. She also found new markets and is conversant in keeping income expenditure records.

Gakemotho can now use a computer and has an email address while she has not yet taken advantage of using social media such as twitter, facebook and others. She communicates by text messages but is not taking advantage of whats App as a marketing tool. She has not started to use search engines like Google and yahoo which can assist in adding value to her products. She is not utilizing banking services and money transfers.

Basimolodi keeps a simple financial accounting where she records all expenses and income of the business. She makes a profit of P1300 per month. She intends on expanding her business and she will buy new machines and look for a better location for her business and she will be using her profit that she has been saving since the business started.